Space-Saving Kayak Rack: Reclaim Your Garage!

By REVIEWS Apr 7, 2024
Space-Saving Kayak Rack: Reclaim Your Garage!

Welcome to our review of‌ the GoSports Kayak Rack for Garage Ceiling Mount – the ultimate storage solution for outdoor enthusiasts!

If you’re anything like us, you ⁤know the struggle⁤ of trying to‌ keep your garage organized,⁢ especially when⁢ it comes to storing bulky items like ⁣kayaks, stand-up paddleboards (SUPs), or surfboards. That’s why we were thrilled to try out the‌ GoSports Kayak Rack, and let us tell you, it did‌ not disappoint.

First​ off, let’s talk​ about versatility. This rack is a ⁣game-changer. ‍With its adjustable⁣ arms and ceiling height, it can accommodate‌ a wide variety ‍of kayak and ⁤board sizes and shapes. Whether⁢ you have a sleek‍ racing⁣ kayak or a sturdy SUP, this rack has you ‍covered. Plus,⁢ with its 30-inch‍ wide arms and ability to hold‌ up to 200 lbs (100 lbs per side), you can store multiple boards without worrying about ​stability.

Installation was ​a breeze, ‌thanks to the easy DIY mounting system.⁤ We appreciated the flexibility to rotate the bracket mounts ‍to align with our ceiling joists, giving us the freedom to choose the perfect mounting location. The instructions were clear, and all the ‍necessary hardware was included, making⁤ setup a stress-free⁣ experience.

Now, let’s talk ​durability. The GoSports‌ Kayak Rack ⁢is ‍built to last. With its robust powder-coated steel frame and ‍foam-coated arms, we felt confident that our boards were secure and protected from scratches or damage. ‍The rigid 90-degree angled arms provided maximum support, ‌ensuring‌ that our boards stayed in place and ⁢resisted sagging over time.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the GoSports Kayak Rack. It’s a space-saving ⁢solution‍ that not only keeps our garage‍ organized but also gives us easy access⁣ to ⁤our favorite​ outdoor gear whenever adventure ⁣calls. Say goodbye to cluttered garage floors and hello to reclaimed space with ​the GoSports Kayak Rack.

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Our ⁣ kayak rack is the ultimate ⁤solution for‌ organizing your ⁤water sports ‍gear in‍ the garage! Designed to accommodate 2 kayaks, ⁤stand up paddle boards (SUPs), or ⁣surfboards, it’s⁤ the perfect ​way to clear up valuable floor space while keeping your equipment safe and easily accessible.

Featuring adjustable arms and‌ ceiling height, our rack offers versatility to fit a wide⁣ range of​ board ‍sizes and​ shapes. With sturdy foam-coated arms ‌and a robust powder-coated steel ‍frame, you can ⁢trust our rack ⁤to ⁣securely ‌support your gear. Plus, the 90-degree angled arms ⁢provide maximum stability, ensuring your boards stay in place.

“`Enhanced⁤ Storage Solutions
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When it comes to optimizing⁤ garage space, GoSports Kayak Rack ‍ emerges as a⁣ versatile ‌solution for organizing not just kayaks but also stand-up paddleboards and surfboards. Designed to ⁣accommodate two ⁤kayaks or boards weighing up to ‌a total of 200 ⁣lbs, this rack⁣ instantly⁢ clears ‍up valuable floor space, allowing for easy access to your⁢ watercraft essentials.

Featuring ⁤30-inch wide arms⁢ and adjustable ceiling height ⁣ranging from 12.5 inches to⁢ 19.5 inches,⁢ our rack adapts seamlessly to a variety of board ⁢shapes and⁤ sizes. ‍The installation process is a breeze, thanks to‍ the ability to rotate the mounting brackets to align with ceiling‌ joists in⁢ any direction. This‌ flexibility ensures you can ​choose the⁣ most suitable mounting ‌direction ‍and location for your specific ‌garage⁣ setup. ⁣With our robust powder-coated steel frame, protective‌ foam-coated arms, and rigid 90-degree angled design,⁤ rest assured your boards are⁣ securely stored, resistant to sagging,‌ and protected from potential⁣ damage.

Ready ‍to reclaim your garage space and enjoy hassle-free ⁤board⁣ storage? Don’t miss out ‍on the convenience ⁣and ‍efficiency ⁤of ⁣the GoSports Kayak ‌Rack.

Craftsmanship and Durability
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The construction of this ​storage solution speaks volumes about its quality ‌and durability. We were particularly ‌impressed by the robust powder-coated steel ‌frame, which not only promises longevity but⁤ also brings an aesthetic sleekness to the garage.⁤ The arms of the rack are coated with protective foam, ⁢ensuring that our kayaks and boards are cradled⁤ safely, without any⁣ risk ⁣of scratches or‍ damage. This thoughtful design feature resonates with us, as it safeguards ‌our gear, which often carries not just financial but ‌sentimental value ‌as well.⁢ Furthermore, the rack’s 90-degree ⁣angled arms offer ⁢unwavering support, preventing any sagging even when fully loaded. ‍This structural⁤ integrity is crucial for us, ⁢as it means we can ⁢trust the‌ rack to‍ hold our equipment securely over time.

In terms of installation, the process​ was refreshingly straightforward, thanks to the versatile design that‍ accommodates ceiling⁢ joists running in either direction. This⁣ flexibility allowed‍ us to⁢ find the optimal location for mounting, ensuring the most ⁢efficient use of space⁢ in our garage. The adjustable height feature, ranging from 12.5 inches⁤ to 19.5 inches, is a ‌game-changer, providing⁢ the perfect clearance for different sizes and shapes‍ of kayaks and boards. ⁢We ‍found setting the height with the secure pin locking system to ​be⁤ a ​simple and ⁢effective way to customize the storage to ​fit our needs precisely. The table below summarizes⁢ the key features that⁣ enhance the rack’s :

Feature Description
Material Robust powder-coated steel frame
Protection Foam coated arms
Support 90-degree⁢ angled arms
Adjustability 12.5″ – 19.5″ ceiling clearance
Installation Flexible mounting with DIY instructions

For those ​seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution to garage ‌clutter, this rack is undoubtedly​ a‌ worthy investment. The ease of installation⁣ combined with its capacity to ‍safely hold up to 200⁢ lbs of gear ‍makes it an ideal ⁢choice⁢ for adventurers ⁤looking‌ to optimize their ‌storage space.

Engage with a clutter-free ⁢lifestyle‍ and elevate your garage ​organization today by ⁤checking out this ⁢solution. Find it on Amazon and reclaim your space ‌with confidence.Optimal Usage and ​Recommendations
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When it comes to​ organizing⁤ your outdoor⁤ gear, our kayak rack ‌ offers a universal garage storage solution that’s both practical and efficient. Designed to ⁢accommodate two‌ kayaks, stand‌ up ‍paddle boards, or surfboards, this rack​ is a game-changer for ‍reclaiming precious space in your garage. With its ‍adjustable‌ ceiling height ranging from ‌12.5 inches ⁤to 19.5 inches, and 30-inch wide arms, it easily ‌adapts to various sizes and shapes of boards, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Installation is a breeze ‌with our DIY-friendly mounting ⁣system. Simply rotate the‍ bracket mounts to align with ceiling joists in any direction, providing you with the flexibility to choose the⁢ perfect spot for⁤ your storage needs. Constructed from robust powder-coated ⁢steel and​ featuring foam-coated arms for protection,⁤ our rack provides maximum support​ and durability. Say goodbye to cluttered garages and hello to organized bliss with our kayak ​rack.⁣ Ready to reclaim ‌your space? Check it out on Amazon now.

Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

Let’s dive into what customers are saying about​ the GoSports Kayak Rack for Garage ‌Ceiling Mount. We’ve compiled a variety of reviews to give you a comprehensive overview.

Customer Review
Customer 1 The hardest part about this was the workout of twisting the 4 pipes ‍on, seriously. The parts seem to be very well made and heavy duty. Do⁣ a few quick measurements, drill some holes and bolt it‌ in. Just make sure that you put things on ‍the correct⁣ way‌ (holes⁣ facing the‌ correct way and bolts into studs). Very⁢ easy single person job. Getting⁤ the kayaks on it goes much smoother with two people though. If you have only 1 side being used​ it does slant. I have 2 so it sets even but I don’t think it‌ would be⁣ a huge concern either‍ way. I’m wondering how the ⁣foam will do over time in the top of a hot ⁣garage but the⁢ actual‌ support bars will⁣ outlast my kayaks⁣ by a long shot. Overall, very glad I got this and it looks like it will ⁤do its job with no complaints.
Customer 2 I bought this wondering how sturdy ​it ​would be and ⁢what the assembly would‌ be like. I’m not easily impressed but, wow, this is a‍ very well made kayak rack. Heavy duty, well built, easy ​assembly. For ⁤the price it simply can’t be beat!!!
Customer ‍3 I ⁤was looking for a rack for our ‌two kayaks,​ this GoSports ⁢kayak rack is great, ‍it bolts to a ceiling and stores your kayaks or ​paddle board or ⁣surf board. It has room for two kayaks and is a real space saver. ​The⁤ rack⁤ has​ some weight to it and needs to ⁣be attached‌ to a solid roof beam, ‍it’s pretty easy⁤ to install and​ really has‌ tidied our garage. Recommended.
Customer ‌4 Seems like it would be great for ⁣surfboards or SUPs, but‌ I bought it for storing ladder ⁢and‌ lumber and stuff like that.⁤ It‌ is very well made. I do have a very ⁢heavy kayak and this could definitely ⁢hold it, but I use a pulley ​hoist‌ for that. ‌I put it on‍ the garage⁤ ceiling attached to 2 x 4s that I screwed to 2 ceiling rafters. I put all my ‍weight on it to test⁣ it and ⁢this could probably hold over 250 pounds if installed properly. The only small ⁢issue I noticed is‍ that it will tilt to one side or⁣ the other.
Customer ⁣5 I replaced‍ the bolts with good Home Depot bolts. There are⁤ two stand-up boards on it now. This provides a great ⁢way to ‍store the boards off the floor.
Customer ‌6 When I got this rack, I‍ was impressed by the quality of the materials – everything was rock solid, heavy-duty. The arms for the ‍boards/kayaks are covered in foam, protecting them from any scratches⁢ – although I‍ question the need for foam as smooth metal​ would⁤ not scratch a board either. And it wouldn’t have ⁤the one ⁣functional negative ⁤I’ve‌ found with this product: it’s quite‍ hard to push⁤ a paddleboard onto⁤ the ‍arms from one end as​ the foam ‌introduces too ⁢much friction. Bare⁤ metal arms would be better and I might look for a ​way to pull the foam off at some point -‍ or put some rollers ⁤onto them. Installation was easy, but marred by the cheap screws that came with the product: I⁤ followed ⁣the instructions precisely and⁤ pre-drilled holes for each ⁣rack base into​ the ceiling ​joists using ​a 3/32″ drill bit⁤ and then used a ratchet wrench to ⁢tighten the base​ onto the joist. But when I‌ was nearly done​ – and ‌I wasn’t applying too much torque, in case you wonder – suddenly it ⁢became easy to turn the wrench. Same⁣ thing ​happened to the second screw⁢ on the same base?! Not being cognizant of‍ what that meant, I put on the second ‌base on another joist ⁣-‌ but‍ the screws on⁤ those did not suddenly ‘give’ as the first two did. I proceeded to assemble the rest of the ​rack -​ very easy – and then put the first paddleboard on one of ‌the arms…..and the‌ whole front of ⁣the rack – ​the one ‍with the two screws that had given – came down 🙁 Looking at the joist, I found ‌that both screws had snapped off. WTH? Since 2 of the lag screws broke and only one extra screw came with the product, I was also ⁢proverbially screwed 🙁 Luckily I found a somewhat similar​ substitute⁤ and was able ‍to⁢ complete⁤ the job. But ⁢I feel the manufacturer should ⁤have included ‍more ‌robust (i.e. ​thicker)⁤ screws – or at least provided⁤ a‍ maximum safe torque guideline to‌ prevent this‌ sort of thing. This incident literally more ‍than doubled the installation time.
Customer 7 Love the adjustable⁤ aspect. Easy to install and works well.
Customer 8 So when I first‍ received this, one side wouldn’t go⁢ together properly. I ⁣contacted ​the seller and ⁤they sent me⁤ out the ⁣correct piece.​ It took ‌less than a ⁣week to receive the new piece. Now it works good. I even cut​ 2.5 inches‌ off of the two bottom pieces to make ⁤it shorter and hang closer to the ceiling. ⁤I’m happy with my purchase.


This analysis presents a diverse range of⁢ customer experiences,​ showcasing both the ⁤strengths and potential areas for improvement of the ⁢GoSports Kayak Rack for Garage ⁣Ceiling ⁣Mount. Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


Pros Details
Space-saving design Efficiently stores ‍2⁢ kayaks or boards, reclaiming⁢ valuable garage floor ‍space.
Adjustable height Offers⁣ flexibility ‍with adjustable height from 12.5 inches ‍to 19.5⁢ inches, accommodating ⁢various ceiling heights.
Universal fit Fits a variety of kayaks and boards up to 200 lbs, thanks to⁣ its 30-inch wide arms and adjustable design.
Durable construction Robust powder-coated steel ⁤frame and foam-coated ⁣arms ensure long-lasting⁢ durability and protection for your boards.
Easy ‍installation Simple ⁤DIY mounting ‍with rotating bracket mounts, ‌suitable for various ceiling joist configurations.


Cons Details
Weight limit While it can hold ‍up⁤ to 200 lbs​ in total‌ (100 lbs ​per side), heavier boards may pose a challenge.
Assembly‌ required Some users may find the assembly process time-consuming, especially if unfamiliar with DIY tasks.
Ceiling clearance For⁢ spaces​ with low ceilings, the minimum 12.5-inch clearance might ​still ⁣be ⁤too high, ‍limiting installation options.

Overall,‍ the‌ GoSports⁢ Kayak Rack offers a ⁤practical solution for organizing ​kayaks, SUPs, or surfboards in the​ garage, with its‌ space-saving design, adjustable features, and ⁢durable construction. ⁤However, users should consider the​ weight limit, assembly process, and ceiling clearance before​ purchasing. Q&AQ&A Section:

Q: Can this kayak rack accommodate different sizes and shapes⁤ of‌ kayaks⁢ and boards?

A: Absolutely! The GoSports Kayak Rack ⁤is designed to fit a variety of sizes and⁤ shapes of kayaks, ‌stand up paddle boards (SUPs), and surfboards. With its 30-inch wide ‍arms and ​adjustable ceiling height ranging from 12.5 inches to ​19.5 inches, you can comfortably store ‌your gear with‍ ease.

Q: How ‌sturdy is this⁢ rack? Will it hold⁤ my heavy kayaks securely?

A: You‌ can trust in the robust ‌construction of the GoSports Kayak Rack. Crafted‍ from powder-coated steel, it’s built to withstand‍ the⁤ weight of your kayaks and boards. ⁢The foam-coated ‍arms provide protection for your⁣ gear while ensuring a secure grip. Plus, the⁢ rigid 90-degree angled arms prevent sagging, so you can store your equipment ‌with confidence.

Q: Is the installation process complicated?

A: Not at all! We’ve designed the installation process to be‌ simple and⁤ straightforward. ⁤With the ability⁢ to ​rotate the mounting brackets to align with ceiling joists running ⁢in⁣ any direction, you have flexibility in choosing the perfect mounting location. The rack also comes with comprehensive instructions and‍ all the ​necessary hardware, making it easy for you‍ to reclaim your garage space in no time.

Q:⁣ How many kayaks or boards can‌ this rack hold?

A: The GoSports Kayak Rack ‌is designed⁣ to ⁣accommodate two kayaks ‌or boards, with a⁤ total weight ⁢capacity of up to 200 lbs (100 lbs per side). ⁤Whether ⁣you’re a solo paddler or part of ⁤a‌ family of water enthusiasts, this rack is the‍ perfect storage solution​ for reclaiming your garage space and keeping your gear organized.

Q: ⁤Can this rack ​be adjusted for different ceiling heights?

A: Yes, indeed! The rack features adjustable height settings, allowing you to extend it from 12.5 inches up to 19.5 inches from the⁢ ceiling. Once you’ve​ found the⁤ perfect height, simply secure it⁤ in place with⁢ our secure pin locking system for added peace of mind.

Q: ⁣Will this rack damage my kayaks or boards?

A: Not at⁣ all. We’ve⁢ designed the GoSports Kayak Rack with⁤ protective foam-coated arms to prevent any scratches or dents to your⁤ gear. Your ⁢kayaks, SUPs, and⁢ surfboards will be safely cradled, ensuring they stay in pristine condition until your next adventure on the ​water. Reveal ⁤the ExtraordinaryAs we wrap up our exploration ⁣of the GoSports Kayak Rack, it’s ​evident that this storage solution is‍ a game-changer for any outdoor enthusiast looking to reclaim precious garage ⁤space. With its⁣ sturdy construction, adjustable features, and easy installation process, it⁢ seamlessly ⁣blends convenience with functionality.

Say goodbye to cluttered corners and tangled messes ⁢– the‌ GoSports‌ Kayak Rack is here to streamline your storage woes. Whether you’re an avid kayaker, paddleboarder, or surfer, this ⁤versatile rack has you covered.

So, why wait⁤ any⁤ longer? Take ⁤the ‍first step towards an organized ⁢garage and hassle-free adventures by ‌clicking the link ‌below. Your future self will thank you for it!

Reclaim Your Garage ⁢Now!

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