Space Saver Supreme: Husky Ceiling Rack Review

By REVIEWS Mar 27, 2024
Space Saver Supreme: Husky Ceiling Rack Review

Welcome to our ⁤review of the FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage ⁢Storage⁤ Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack! If you’re ‍like us, your garage might be a bit of a chaotic mess, with tools, sports gear, ​and seasonal ⁢items vying for space. ​But fear not,‍ because FLEXIMOUNTS is here to save the day with their innovative storage solution.
Let’s dive into what makes this​ ceiling⁣ storage rack stand out from the ‍clutter. First off, stability⁤ and ‌safety⁤ are paramount, and FLEXIMOUNTS doesn’t disappoint. With ⁤longer⁢ ceiling brackets securely attaching to two joists, this ​rack​ offers a level​ of stability and security ​that surpasses many others on the market.
But it’s not​ just about safety; quality is also‌ a top priority. FLEXIMOUNTS has⁢ used top-quality​ screws and subjected all hardware to rigorous testing to ensure durability​ and reliability. Constructed from heavy-duty cold-rolled⁤ steel, this rack can safely hold up to ⁢an impressive ‌450 lbs of⁤ your belongings.
What truly sets this rack‍ apart, however, is its integrated ​grid design.⁣ Unlike racks with separate⁣ frames⁢ and wires, FLEXIMOUNTS’ design offers ⁢enhanced⁣ stability⁤ and sturdiness,⁢ providing you with peace of ‌mind knowing your items are securely stored overhead.
Installation⁣ is a breeze thanks to the DIY-friendly approach and step-by-step instructions provided. Even better, the installation template ⁣helps you plan ⁢out⁢ your setup ‌for ⁣optimal use of space. Whether your ceiling joist spacing is ≤ 24″ or 36″, FLEXIMOUNTS ‌has ⁢you covered.
Reclaiming your garage has never been easier.⁤ Utilize the often-underutilized ‍ceiling space to store seasonal or infrequently used items, with a ceiling dropdown ⁢ranging ‍from 22″ to 40″, providing up to‍ 60 cu. ft. of additional storage space.
In conclusion, the FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage ⁢Storage ‍Adjustable ⁣Ceiling Storage Rack is a game-changer for anyone⁣ looking to declutter and organize their garage. With its combination of⁢ stability, ⁢quality, and innovative design,‍ it’s‍ a must-have‌ for any homeowner seeking to maximize their storage potential. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into our firsthand experience with this remarkable product.

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When ​it comes⁣ to optimizing garage space, FLEXIMOUNTS offers a comprehensive solution with their⁤ innovative Overhead⁤ Garage Storage Rack. Our aim is to simplify your garage organization experience, and with our product, we’re ‍confident you’ll find the task much easier. Crafted with stability ‍and safety⁣ in mind, our storage racks boast longer ceiling brackets that securely attach to two⁣ joists, ensuring unparalleled stability compared to others on the market.

Stability ⁣& Safety Longer ceiling brackets for enhanced ‌stability
Quality Top quality screws and⁣ hardware tested for durability
Different Integrated grid ‍design for superior sturdiness

Constructed from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel, our ​racks can safely accommodate up to 450 lbs. But it’s not just ⁣about strength; our ⁤integrated grid ‍design sets us apart, providing a more robust and⁤ durable structure compared to racks with separate frames and wires. Additionally, installation is a breeze ⁢with our DIY-friendly approach and step-by-step ‍instructions. Whether you’re storing seasonal items​ or decluttering your space, our Overhead Garage Storage Rack offers up to 60 cu. Ft. of storage, ⁤reclaiming valuable floor‌ space and keeping⁤ your garage organized.

Get ‌your FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Garage Storage Rack ⁣now!Product⁤ Features​ and Highlights
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When ‍it comes‌ to organizing ‌your garage, simplicity and efficiency are paramount. ‍With FLEXIMOUNTS overhead garage ⁣storage racks, we’ve streamlined the process, ⁤making it easier ⁢than ever to reclaim your space. Our‌ racks boast a​ range of features designed⁤ to maximize⁣ stability, ‍safety, and quality.

  • Stability & Safety: Our racks are equipped with specially designed longer ⁤ceiling brackets that attach securely‌ to two joists, providing unparalleled stability ​and peace ⁢of ​mind.​ With ‍a heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction, our racks can safely support up to 450 lbs, ensuring your belongings are ‌stored⁤ securely.
  • Quality: We pride ourselves on using top-quality ‍screws and ‌hardware that have⁢ undergone rigorous testing. This​ ensures durability and reliability, so you can trust ‌our racks to withstand the test of time.
  • Different: ⁢What sets our racks apart is our integrated grid design,‌ which offers superior stability and sturdiness ⁤compared⁢ to racks with separate frames and wires. Our DIY⁢ installation process is straightforward,⁤ with step-by-step​ instructions and installation templates to guide you every step of ⁣the way.

Utilizing your garage ceiling space has never been easier. Our racks provide a ceiling dropdown ⁤of 22” to 40”, offering‌ up to 60 cu. Ft. of storage ‌space. Whether ⁣you’re storing seasonal items or decluttering your space, our‍ racks are the⁤ perfect‌ solution. With dimensions of 72″ in length, 36″ in⁤ width, and ‌adjustable heights ranging from 22″ ‌to 40″, our racks ​are versatile enough to‌ suit any storage ‍needs. Take back‍ control of ⁢your garage today with FLEXIMOUNTS ⁣overhead garage⁣ storage racks.

Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer⁢ Reviews⁣ Analysis

“I ordered 2 of ‍these and they were shipped so quickly I actually ⁢thought I⁢ had messed up my order. ⁣For some⁤ reason they were ⁣shipped and arrived ​separately, but‌ both arrived ⁣prior to the original ⁤estimated delivery date.‌ They took⁣ 30min to put up and they look and work great!”

Shipping: ⁣Quick

Assembly: Easy

Overall Satisfaction: High

“I love my garage rack, now I can store things ​that⁤ are on the way and that I don’t ⁤use constantly. It was ⁤hard to‌ put it together and the parts‌ are not ‌labeled, but ‌when I finally figured ‍it out, it’s nice and sturdy. Space saver.”

Assembly: Moderate Difficulty

Sturdiness: High

Space Utilization: Effective

“Fairly easy install.‍ We bought ⁣a second one because we were happy with the first.”

Assembly: Moderate Difficulty

Repeat Purchase Likelihood: High

“This was‍ exhausting to install. It took the 2 of us 3 sessions of work 1-2 hours. The​ shelf is good though, it is sturdy and⁣ is adjustable.”

Assembly: Challenging

Sturdiness: High

In our analysis of ‍the customer reviews for the FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage ⁣Storage ‍Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack, we found a variety of experiences and opinions.⁣ Here’s a breakdown:
Shipping: Customers were impressed with the quick‍ shipping, with some even receiving their orders earlier than⁢ expected.
Assembly: While some found the assembly process easy and quick, others‍ experienced challenges.‍ Issues ⁢included parts not being labeled⁤ and the overall time-consuming nature of​ installation.
Sturdiness: Despite the assembly ​difficulties, the majority of customers praised the sturdiness of the rack once it was installed.
Space Utilization: ⁢Many customers appreciated the space-saving design of the rack, allowing them ⁢to store items efficiently‌ in their‍ garages.
Repeat Purchase Likelihood: ‍Several customers were satisfied to the ⁤point ‍of purchasing additional ‍units, indicating a high level⁣ of ​satisfaction and confidence in⁣ the product.
Overall, while there were some challenges reported during assembly,⁣ the FLEXIMOUNTS ceiling storage rack received positive feedback for its⁢ sturdiness, space-saving capabilities, and‍ quick shipping. Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


Pros Description
1. Ample‍ Storage‌ Space Provides up to 60 cu. ft. ​of storage, ideal for ⁣seasonal ‍or‌ unused items, helping to reclaim⁣ garage space.
2. Sturdy Construction Constructed from​ heavy-duty cold-rolled steel, ensuring stability and safety with a maximum load capacity of ⁢450 lbs.
3. Integrated Grid Design Offers ⁣superior stability and sturdiness ‍compared to ‍similar products with separate frame and wire constructions.
4. Easy Installation DIY installation with step-by-step ⁤instructions and⁤ installation ‌template provided, making setup hassle-free.
5. Versatile Compatibility Fits all ceiling ​joist spacing ​≤ 24″ and⁢ ceiling spacing of 36″, suitable for ⁤wood studs/joists and concrete walls.


Cons Description
1. Limited Mounting Options Cannot be mounted to metal walls, restricting installation possibilities in certain ‍garage setups.
2. Ceiling Height ⁣Requirement Requires a minimum‍ ceiling height of 22 inches, which may not be suitable for all garage configurations.
3. Accessories Not Included Accessory⁢ hooks and items pictured⁣ on the⁣ racks ⁢are not included, ⁣requiring additional purchases⁢ for full functionality.

Overall, the FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage Storage Adjustable Ceiling Storage Rack offers⁤ impressive storage capacity, durability, and ease of installation,‌ making it a practical solution for‌ organizing garage space. However, potential buyers should consider the limitations in mounting options​ and additional accessory purchases before making a⁣ decision. Q&A
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Q&A Section:
Q: How difficult ⁣is the⁤ installation process for‍ the FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead ‍Garage Storage Rack?
A: Installing ⁣the FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage Storage Rack is surprisingly straightforward. With our comprehensive⁣ step-by-step installation guide and ​template, even those with minimal DIY experience can tackle it.‌ Just make sure to follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll have your rack up and ready to use in no time.
Q: Can this⁢ rack hold heavy items securely?
A: Absolutely! One of​ the standout features of the FLEXIMOUNTS rack is ‍its ⁣exceptional ⁤stability and strength. Constructed from heavy-duty cold-rolled steel and equipped with specially designed longer ceiling brackets, this rack can‍ safely support⁢ up to 450 lbs of⁣ weight. So whether you’re storing bulky seasonal items or heavy ⁣tools, you ‌can trust this rack to keep everything⁣ secure.
Q: Is this rack suitable for all ‌types of ⁤ceilings?
A:​ While the FLEXIMOUNTS rack ​is incredibly versatile, it’s essential to ⁣note that it’s designed specifically‌ for wood studs/joists and concrete walls. It⁣ cannot be mounted to metal walls. Additionally, it’s compatible with ceiling ⁤joist spacing ≤​ 24″. If your joist spacing exceeds ‌24″, ⁣the ⁢rack will fit a ceiling‌ spacing ‍of 36″‍ instead. Make sure‌ to check your ceiling’s specifications before installation to ensure a ​proper fit.
Q: How much storage space does this ‍rack ​provide?
A: The FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage Storage Rack offers an impressive amount of storage space, allowing‍ you to reclaim valuable floor space in your garage. With a ceiling dropdown ranging from 22” to 40”, you can utilize up to 60 cu. ft. of storage area. It’s perfect for stowing ⁤away ⁣seasonal items, sports equipment, or any other belongings​ you want​ to keep organized and ‌out of the way.
Q: Are there ⁣any accessories included with ​the rack?
A: It’s‌ important to note that accessories ​such as hooks and items pictured⁣ on the rack ⁢are not⁣ included‍ with the FLEXIMOUNTS overhead storage rack. ​However, you ‌can⁤ easily customize ⁢and accessorize your ‌rack according to your ​specific storage⁤ needs. Whether you‍ need hooks for hanging⁤ tools or baskets ​for ‍smaller items, there​ are plenty of options available to​ optimize ‍your storage space. Experience the Difference
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As we bid adieu to ​our⁣ exploration of the ​FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage⁢ Storage Adjustable ⁣Ceiling Storage Rack, we find ⁢ourselves impressed by its⁣ ingenuity and practicality. From⁢ its sturdy construction to its innovative design, this rack stands as a ‍beacon of organization ‌in the ⁢chaos of the⁤ garage.
With ⁣its​ stability and safety features, including longer ceiling brackets and heavy-duty ‍steel construction, it offers peace of mind ⁣while ⁢storing ​your belongings overhead. The integrated grid design⁤ sets it apart, ensuring superior ‍stability compared to other models.
But​ what truly sets this rack apart ⁤is its versatility. Whether you’re reclaiming space ‌in ⁣your‌ garage or looking for a smart storage solution, this rack delivers. With ⁢easy⁣ DIY‌ installation⁢ and ample storage capacity, ‌it’s a game-changer for any cluttered space.
So why wait? Take the first step towards garage organization nirvana and reclaim your space ​today with the‌ FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage Storage Rack!
Explore the FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Overhead Garage Storage Rack on Amazon and start your journey to a clutter-free garage!

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