Maximize Your Garage Space with FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Storage Racks

Maximize Your Garage Space with FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Storage Racks

Looking to upgrade your⁤ garage storage⁤ game? Look no further than the FLEXIMOUNTS 12-inch-by-72-inch⁢ 2 tier Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack‌ Wall Mounted⁤ Floating Shelves, in‌ a sleek black 2-pack. We recently had the opportunity ‍to try out this space-saving solution, and ⁢we have to⁤ say, we‍ were impressed. With easy one-person⁤ installation, sturdy construction, and‌ a heavy gauge steel ‍design, these shelves can hold up to 600lbs total. Stay tuned as we dive into the details of our experience with this FLEXIMOUNTS storage‌ rack and see if it lives ‌up to the hype!

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When it‍ comes‌ to organizing our garage space, we are always on the lookout for solutions that are​ efficient and easy to use. That’s why we were thrilled to discover the FLEXIMOUNTS 2 Tier‌ Wall Shelf Garage Storage‍ Rack. This storage rack is not only easy to​ install with all hardware ⁢included, but it also comes with an Installation Template and ​Bubble ‌Level to ensure a perfect horizontal location. The buckle ⁤design with Velcros⁣ adds an extra‍ layer of stability, preventing ‌the brackets from falling or bending. ⁤With a ⁢heavy gauge steel⁤ construction that ‌can support up to 600lbs total, we feel confident in storing our items⁣ on this reliable wall shelf.

Additionally, the high-quality‌ screws provided‍ and the rigorous testing of all hardware give us peace of⁤ mind that our belongings will be safely stored.‌ While this storage rack cannot be mounted to⁤ a metal​ wall, it is suitable for wood studs/joists and concrete walls. Overall, the FLEXIMOUNTS 2 Tier Wall Shelf⁤ Garage Storage ‌Rack is a practical and sturdy solution for anyone looking to declutter their garage space. ‍If you’re ⁣in need of a reliable storage solution, we highly recommend checking out this product⁣ here.

Key Features and ⁢Benefits
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The of ⁢these wall shelves are truly impressive. First and foremost, the easy one-person⁣ installation makes setting them up a breeze. With⁤ all the necessary hardware included, like the​ Installation Template ‍and Bubble Level,⁢ you’ll⁣ have⁤ your shelves mounted in no time. The sturdy design of these‍ shelves is also worth noting, with‍ a buckle design ⁢and velcros that prevent the brackets from falling or bending. And with​ a⁤ heavy ​gauge steel construction that can safely hold up to 600lbs ‌in total, you can trust that your items ​will be securely stored.

Additionally, ‍the⁢ high quality screws provided​ and​ the fact ‍that all hardware has gone through‍ strict tests ⁣ensures that these shelves are durable and reliable. It’s ⁤important to mention that these ⁣shelves are⁤ not suitable for mounting on metal walls, but they work perfectly on ⁣wood studs/joists and concrete ​walls. Overall, these FLEXIMOUNTS wall shelves offer a practical and efficient solution for organizing ⁣your garage space. So why not make your life easier and check them ⁤out todayDetailed Insights and⁣ Usage‌
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Our experience‌ with the FLEXIMOUNTS 2⁢ tier⁢ Wall Shelf⁣ Garage ‌Storage Rack has been ‍nothing short⁤ of phenomenal. The easy one-person ‌installation‌ made setting up this rack ‍a breeze. With the installation template and bubble level included, we were able to‌ mount the shelves perfectly in no time. The ⁤sturdy buckle design with velcros ensured ​that the brackets remained in place, providing stability and safety for all⁤ our​ stored items.

The ⁤heavy gauge steel construction of⁢ this rack is impressive,‌ allowing for a total weight⁣ capacity of up to 600lbs. ⁤The high-quality screws provided added to the⁤ durability of the rack, giving us peace of mind that our belongings were secure. We were also⁣ pleased to find that all hardware had gone ⁢through strict tests for quality ⁢assurance.‍ Overall, this rack is a must-have for ⁤anyone looking to efficiently organize their garage ‍space.

Recommendations and Final Thoughts
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In our final thoughts on the FLEXIMOUNTS 12-inch-by-72-inch 2 ⁤tier Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack,⁢ we highly recommend this ‍product for anyone ‍looking to​ efficiently organize their garage ‌space. The easy one-person installation⁢ with all hardware‍ included makes setting ⁣up this​ storage rack a breeze. The heavy gauge steel construction ensures⁤ stability and safety, supporting up to ⁢600lbs total. The‍ buckle⁢ design with velcros prevents brackets from falling or‌ bending, giving added peace of mind when storing heavy ⁢items.

Furthermore, the ⁣high quality‍ screws provided and the‌ strict tests all hardware has gone ⁣through demonstrate the⁢ attention ‍to detail and durability of this product. While it cannot be mounted to ​metal walls, it is suitable for wood studs/joists and concrete walls. Overall, this storage rack⁤ from FLEXIMOUNTS ‍offers a practical and secure solution for decluttering your garage. Ready⁤ to enhance your storage ​space? Check out the FLEXIMOUNTS 2-pack ⁣Wall Shelf on Amazon and start organizing today! Click here‍ to purchase ​now! Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

After going through numerous customer reviews, we‌ have gathered valuable insights ⁢to ⁤help you ​decide whether the‍ FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Storage Racks are the right choice⁣ for your garage organization ⁤needs.

Pros Cons
Easy​ to install Template⁤ not showing 16″ on center
Adjustable bracket location No support in‌ the middle of the shelf
Sturdy and heavy duty Sagging under heavy loads
Great for storage Minor dents in the⁣ product

Overall, customers⁢ were⁢ impressed‌ with the durability and functionality of the wall storage racks. The ease of ⁤installation, adjustable bracket location, and sturdiness were highlighted ⁣as key benefits. However, some users encountered⁣ issues⁣ with ‌the provided template and the ⁤lack of support in the middle of⁤ the shelves, ‌leading to concerns about potential ‍sagging under heavy loads. Despite⁤ minor dents in some products, customers ‍were ​generally satisfied with the overall quality and ⁢performance of the FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Storage ⁤Racks.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


  • Easy one-person installation‍ with all hardware included
  • Sturdy ‍and stable design
  • High weight capacity of ‍up to 600lbs
  • High quality screws provided
  • Comes in ‍a pack of 2 for added storage space


  • Cannot be mounted on metal ‍walls
  • Assembly required as a DIY project
  • Suitable for wood studs/joists and concrete wall‌ only
  • May not⁢ be​ suitable for‌ all ​garage storage ​needs

Overall, the FLEXIMOUNTS ​2 tier Wall ​Shelf Garage‍ Storage ⁤Rack is a great solution for‌ maximizing garage space with‍ its easy‌ installation, sturdy design, and high weight capacity. However, it may not be suitable ​for all ‌types‌ of ​walls ⁣and storage needs.

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Q: How‍ easy is ⁤it to install these wall storage racks?
A: It’s super ⁤easy! The installation template helps you mount the⁤ holes, the ‌bubble level ensures the perfect⁣ horizontal⁢ location, and all ⁢the hardware ⁤you need ​is included. Plus, it’s ‌a⁤ one-person job.

Q: How much weight ‍can these storage racks hold?
A: These racks are heavy-duty, with ⁢a safety loading capacity ‌of up to 600lbs total. So you ‌can store all your heavy items without worry.

Q:‌ Can these racks be mounted on any type of wall?
A:⁢ These racks are not suitable for metal ⁤walls, but⁢ they can be ⁤easily ⁤mounted on wood studs/joists and concrete walls. Just make sure ​you have the right surface before installation.

Q: Are the shelves sturdy and stable?
A: Absolutely! The buckle design with velcros prevents the ​brackets‌ from falling⁢ or bending, ensuring that your ​shelves stay secure and stable.

Q: Do these racks come with all the necessary hardware?
A: Yes, all high-quality ‍screws and hardware ⁣are included in the‍ package. ⁤We’ve made sure that you‌ have everything you need for a successful installation.

Q: Can I⁣ use these racks for anything ⁢other⁤ than garage‍ storage?
A: While these racks are designed ​for garage⁣ organization, you can definitely use them in other‌ spaces like your basement or workshop. They’re versatile enough to suit your needs. Discover ‍the PowerIn conclusion, FLEXIMOUNTS Wall ⁤Storage Racks are the perfect solution to maximize your garage space and keep your belongings organized. With easy installation, ‍sturdy ⁤construction, and ‍a high weight capacity, these shelves are a must-have for any garage. Don’t wait any longer, make ‌your garage clutter-free and functional with ‍FLEXIMOUNTS.

Ready to transform ‍your garage? Get‍ your FLEXIMOUNTS Wall Storage Racks now ‍on Amazon!

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