Get Organized with GoSports Kayak Rack: Reclaim Your Garage!

Get Organized with GoSports Kayak Rack: Reclaim Your Garage!

Looking to clear up some space in your⁣ garage while keeping your kayaks, stand up paddle boards, or surfboards⁤ safe and secure? Look no​ further ⁤than⁣ the ⁤GoSports Kayak Rack for ​Garage‌ Ceiling Mount. We ​recently had the pleasure of trying out this adjustable storage hanger for ‍2 kayaks,‌ SUPs, or⁢ surfboards, and we were thoroughly impressed.⁣ The rack features 30 inch wide arms and an​ adjustable ceiling‍ height ranging from⁤ 12.5 inches⁤ to 19.5 inches,‌ making ‌it ⁢suitable for a wide variety‍ of‍ board sizes and shapes. With its robust⁤ powder coated​ steel frame, protective foam coated arms,⁤ and 90 degree angled design for maximum support, we‌ felt confident in⁣ storing our boards with ​this ‌rack. Installation‍ was a breeze thanks to the easy DIY mounting system, allowing us to ⁣rotate the​ bracket mounts to line up with ceiling joists‍ in​ any direction we desired. Say goodbye to clutter and reclaim your ‍garage space​ with the GoSports Kayak Rack!

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The ​GoSports Kayak Rack⁤ is ‍a versatile storage solution for organizing your kayaks, ⁢stand up paddle boards, ⁢and⁤ surfboards in the ⁢garage. With its adjustable ceiling height range‍ from 12.5 inches to 19.5 inches and 30-inch⁣ wide arms, this⁢ rack is​ designed ⁤to accommodate​ various sizes and‍ shapes of⁤ boards. The robust powder coated steel frame and foam ‌coated arms provide maximum support ⁤and protection for your boards, giving you confidence in storing your‍ equipment securely.

Installation is a breeze with the GoSports Kayak Rack, as you can ‍easily rotate the mounting brackets to align with ‌ceiling joists running in any direction. The universal design offers flexibility ‍in choosing your‌ desired mounting location, allowing you to reclaim valuable⁢ floor space in your​ garage. ​Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organization with the ⁢GoSports Kayak Rack – the⁤ perfect storage solution for your outdoor gear.‌ Grab yours today and start enjoying a​ tidier ⁢garage! Check it out here.Key Features and Benefits
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We ‍were ⁢extremely impressed with the ⁣ of the GoSports Kayak Rack for Garage Ceiling Mount. ⁤The adjustable storage hangers can accommodate 2 kayaks, SUPs, or surfboards, making it a versatile solution for organizing your outdoor gear. The rack⁣ features 30 inch wide arms and an adjustable ceiling height from 12.5 inches to 19.5 inches, providing ample⁤ space ‌for a variety of size and shape kayaks and boards.

The robust powder coated steel frame, protective foam coated arms, and 90 degree angled‌ arms offer maximum support and durability. The easy‍ DIY mounting system allows⁤ you to rotate the bracket ‌mounts to line up with ceiling joists running in either direction, giving you the flexibility ⁢to choose your desired mounting direction and location. Say goodbye to cluttered garages and reclaim your⁤ space with the GoSports Kayak ⁢Rack. Don’t wait any longer, check ​it out⁣ on Amazon today! Click here to purchase!In-depth Analysis and Insights
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Our ⁤team had the opportunity to thoroughly analyze and gain valuable insights on the GoSports Kayak Rack for Garage Ceiling Mount. ⁤This universal storage solution has truly impressed us with its ability⁣ to efficiently organize kayaks, stand up ​paddle boards, and surfboards while⁢ clearing ‍up valuable space in the garage. The rack ⁤easily accommodates 2 kayaks with ⁢a weight capacity of 200 lbs, thanks to its sturdy 30 inch wide arms and ⁣adjustable ceiling height ranging from 12.5 inches to 19.5​ inches.‍ We found the‌ ability to rotate ‍the⁢ mounting brackets for optimal alignment with ceiling joists ⁤to be a particularly useful ‍feature, giving users⁢ the‍ flexibility to choose the ⁢desired mounting direction and‍ location.

The robust steel ‍construction of the rack, complete with foam-coated arms and rigid 90 degree angled⁤ arms, ensures ‌maximum ‍support and ‍durability for your boards. The secure​ pin locking system⁤ allows for easy adjustment of the rack height, providing a secure storage solution for a ‌variety of⁢ kayak ‍and board ​sizes and shapes. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or a beginner paddleboard enthusiast,⁢ the GoSports Kayak Rack is a must-have home storage solution to reclaim floor space in your‍ garage ⁣while ⁣keeping ​your equipment safe ‍and easily accessible. Don’t miss out ‌on this fantastic product – click here to get your⁤ hands on ‌the GoSports Kayak Rack for Garage Ceiling Mount!Final Recommendations
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After using the ​GoSports Kayak Rack for Garage Ceiling Mount, we highly recommend this product for anyone‍ looking to​ efficiently store their‍ kayaks, SUPs, or ‌surfboards. ⁣The adjustable storage ⁣hangers are ​easy to install with the included hardware and instructions, making it a simple DIY ‍project. The robust steel construction and ⁢foam coated arms provide maximum support and protection ⁢for your ‌boards, giving you peace of mind when storing them in ⁣your ‍garage. The 90 degree angled arms ensure that your boards will not sag ‌or become damaged while hanging.

One of the standout features of this rack is ‌its adjustable height, ⁢allowing you to customize the clearance from​ the ceiling to fit a ⁣variety of ​board sizes and shapes. With‍ 30 inch wide arms, this rack can hold up to 200 lbs ​(100 ​lbs per side), making it a versatile storage solution for ‍multiple‍ boards. Say goodbye⁤ to cluttered garage floors and reclaim your space with the ‌GoSports Kayak Rack. Check it out on⁢ Amazon today and get organized! Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁤ taking a look at the customer reviews ⁣for the GoSports Kayak ‍Rack for ​Garage Ceiling Mount, ⁢we found a mixed​ bag of experiences. ​Here’s⁣ a​ breakdown of what customers had to say:

Positive Reviews:

Review Rating
The kayak rack is well-made and⁢ heavy-duty, ⁤making it a great storage solution for kayaks, surfboards,⁤ and SUPs. Plus,‌ it’s easy to install. 5 stars
Customers were impressed ​with the sturdiness ⁤and quality of the materials used in the⁣ rack. They found it to be a great ⁤value for the ​price. 5 stars

Neutral Reviews:

Review Rating
Some customers had issues with assembly, such as missing parts or⁣ difficulty with​ certain ​components fitting⁢ together properly. However, customer​ service was​ responsive in sending replacements. 3 stars
Although most customers found the rack to be sturdy and well-made, some noted​ that it tended to ⁣tilt slightly ⁢to one​ side when in​ use. 3 stars

Negative Reviews:

Review Rating
One customer experienced issues with ​the lag screws provided, which ‍broke during installation. They recommended using stronger ⁤bolts ⁣from a ‌hardware store. 2 stars
Another⁤ customer ⁢found ‌the foam padding on ⁣the ⁢rack arms to be ⁢unnecessary and actually⁣ hindered the process of loading paddle boards onto the rack due to excessive friction. 2 stars

Overall, the GoSports Kayak⁤ Rack for Garage Ceiling‌ Mount has received positive feedback for its quality ‍construction ​and ease of use.⁢ However, some customers encountered issues during assembly and found ‍certain design elements to be less than optimal.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


1. Universal ⁣design fits a variety of ​size⁣ and shape kayaks and ‍boards
2.⁢ Adjustable ceiling ‍height from 12.5 inches ‍to 19.5 inches
3.​ Robust steel construction with foam coated arms for protection
4. ⁤Easy DIY mounting with rotating​ bracket mounts
5. Reclaim floor space in the garage and get easy⁤ access to kayaks,⁣ paddle boards, or surfboards


1. May not fit⁤ very large or unusually shaped boards
2. ⁤Ceiling mount may⁣ require additional assistance for installation
3. Limited to storing 2 kayaks ​or boards ⁣at a time
4. ⁢May ⁢not ‍be suitable for ⁣very high ceilings

Q&AQ: Can this kayak ⁢rack hold two different ‌types of boards,⁢ like a kayak and a‌ stand ⁢up paddle board?
A: Yes, the GoSports Kayak ​Rack is designed to⁤ accommodate a‍ variety of size⁣ and ⁢shape kayaks and boards, ‌including stand up paddle ⁣boards and surfboards. As long as ⁤the total weight does not ‌exceed ‌200 lbs (100 lbs per side), you can easily store two​ different types of boards on this rack.

Q: How difficult is it to install this kayak rack in the garage?
A: Installing the GoSports Kayak Rack is actually quite easy with our DIY mounting system. Simply‍ rotate ‍the ⁢bracket mounts to line up ​with ceiling⁢ joists running in either direction, choose your desired ​mounting location, and follow the included ⁢instructions⁤ and hardware. With a little bit of time ‍and effort, you can⁤ reclaim your garage space⁤ in no time!

Q: Will the foam coated arms really protect my boards and prevent them from getting scratched?
A: Absolutely! The GoSports Kayak Rack features foam coated arms that‌ are specifically designed to protect your boards from scratches and damage. Additionally, the 90 degree angled arms ‌provide maximum support to prevent any sagging, ‍ensuring that​ your boards are stored safely and ⁢securely.

Q: Can I adjust the ​height of​ the kayak rack to fit the size of my garage?
A: Yes, you can easily adjust the height of the GoSports Kayak Rack to fit your⁤ garage space. With an​ adjustable⁣ ceiling clearance ​of up⁤ to 19.5 inches and a pin ‍locking system to secure the height in place, you can customize ⁤the rack to perfectly‍ fit your needs ‍and maximize ‌floor space in your garage.⁣ Embody ExcellenceAs we wrap up our ⁤review of the GoSports Kayak Rack, we are thrilled to share with ⁢you this innovative ‍solution for ⁤reclaiming your garage space! With⁤ its adjustable storage hangers and sturdy steel construction, this‍ rack is sure to keep your kayaks, SUPs, or surfboards organized and easily⁣ accessible. Say ⁢goodbye​ to clutter ‍and hello to a tidier garage ⁤with ‌the GoSports Kayak Rack!

If⁣ you’re ⁣ready to simplify your storage solutions and make the‌ most of your space, click here to purchase your own GoSports Kayak Rack now: Get ‌your GoSports Kayak Rack today!

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