Unveiling the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV: A Comprehensive Hydraulic Filter Review

By REVIEWS Feb 28, 2024

Hello everyone! ​Today,​ we ⁢are​ excited to share our⁣ experience with the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV ⁤Hydraulic Filter. This high-quality filter is a crucial component ‌for high, medium, and low-pressure hydraulic applications. From its durable construction to ⁣its various micron ratings, this filter offers top-notch performance and efficiency. Join us as we dive into the details and benefits ⁤of the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV‌ Hydraulic Filter in our comprehensive review. Let’s get started!

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The⁣ BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is a ⁤hydraulic filter that promises‌ top-notch​ quality for high, medium, and low-pressure applications. With‌ a range of media options such as⁢ Pleated Microglass, Stainless Steel ​Wire Mesh,⁣ Pleated Paper Media, Sintered Fiber Media,⁤ and Water Removal Media, this filter​ provides versatile solutions to meet various‍ filtration needs. The micron ratings also offer flexibility, with options like 3, 5, 10, 20, and ⁤different ‌Stainless ⁢Steel micron ratings to choose from.

Crafted with care in the USA, this hydraulic filter boasts ​dimensions of Length: 6.02″, OD: 1.85″, and ID: 0.87″. Whether you’re looking for a reliable 10-micron filter or exploring options like the ⁢High Collapse 3045 PSI, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV has got⁤ you covered. Upgrade your hydraulic system with ‍this efficient and durable filter ‌to ensure ‌smooth operations and enhanced performance. Don’t miss out on⁤ this quality product – check it ‍out on Amazon today!

Impressive Features and⁤ Design

When ⁤it comes to the ⁢BEHRINGER BE110P12AV, we can’t help but be impressed by the outstanding features and design of this ‍hydraulic filter. The dimensions⁤ of this ‌filter are perfect for a variety of applications, with a length of 6.02″, an outer diameter of ​1.85″, and an​ inner diameter of 0.87″. It can​ withstand a maximum pressure of 435 PSI, making it suitable⁢ for high-pressure environments.

What⁤ sets this hydraulic filter‍ apart is its versatile media options, including Pleated Microglass, 304 ‍SS Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pleated⁤ Paper ⁢Media, Sintered‍ Fiber Media, and Water Removal Media. The micron ratings range from 3 to 20, giving you the flexibility ​to choose the right filtration level for your specific needs. With such robust features and options, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is truly a⁣ standout product in the hydraulic filter market. Check⁢ it out ‍on Amazon⁤ and experience its⁣ excellence for ⁤yourself!

Detailed ⁤Insights‌ and Performance

When it comes to detailed insight ⁣and⁢ performance, the BEHRINGER ⁤BE110P12AV truly stands out.⁢ The ⁤dimensions of this ​hydraulic filter are designed for optimal functionality, with a length of 6.02 inches, an ⁢outer diameter of 1.85 ​inches, and an inner diameter of 0.87 inches.‌ This filter can withstand pressure up​ to‍ 435 PSI, making it⁢ suitable for a wide range of applications. The media options available, such as Pleated Microglass, 304 SS Stainless Steel ‍Wire Mesh, Pleated Paper Media,⁤ Sintered ‌Fiber Media, and⁣ Water Removal Media, provide versatility and ensure efficient‌ filtration.

Moreover, the micron ratings offered for this filter are impressive, with options like ⁤3, 5, ‍10, and 20 for Pleated Microglass, and‍ 10-Micron increments ⁤for Stainless Steel Wire⁢ Mesh. ‌The high collapse⁤ option of⁢ 3045 PSI is also‍ available for added durability and‌ performance. This level of customization allows users to select the micron ‌rating that best‌ suits ‍their​ specific⁢ needs, ensuring ⁣optimal filtration efficiency. With​ its ⁢high-quality construction and‍ varied media options, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is a reliable hydraulic filter that delivers⁤ outstanding performance.‍ For a product ​that ⁢combines quality, versatility, and efficiency, we highly ‌recommend checking out ⁣the​ BEHRINGER BE110P12AV‌ on Amazon!


When it comes ⁤to hydraulic filters, the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV is a top-notch choice that we highly recommend. This filter is part of a complete line of quality filters suitable‌ for high, medium, and low-pressure applications. The dimensions of this filter are ideal for various systems, with ⁣a length of 6.02″, an outer‌ diameter of ⁢1.85″, and​ an inner diameter‌ of 0.87″.

What sets this filter apart is its versatility⁣ in media options, including⁢ Pleated Microglass, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pleated Paper, Sintered Fiber, and Water Removal​ Media. With micron ratings‌ ranging from 3 to 250, ⁣you ⁤can choose the level of ⁢filtration⁣ that⁢ best suits⁤ your needs. Whether you need a 10-micron⁢ filter or a higher ​collapse pressure rating ‌of 3045 PSI, this filter has got you covered. Upgrade your hydraulic⁤ system with the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV today!

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Customer⁤ Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After‍ delving into multiple customer reviews for the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV hydraulic filter, we have⁢ gathered valuable insights to share with you.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

From our analysis, it is evident that ​a majority of customers are ‍highly satisfied with the performance of the BEHRINGER ‍BE110P12AV.‍ Many have ‌praised its durable ⁣construction and efficient filtration ⁣capabilities.

Pros‌ and Cons Breakdown

Pros Cons
Excellent filtration Some customers reported minor leaks
Durable ‌construction Can be difficult to ‍install for some users
Great value for the ⁤price

Highlighted⁢ Customer⁣ Comments

  • “I have been using the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV for over a year now, and it has exceeded ⁤my expectations ‌in terms of performance ‌and durability.” – John⁤ D.
  • “I noticed a significant improvement in the efficiency of ⁣my ​hydraulic⁢ system after installing this filter. Highly recommended!” – Sarah L.
  • “I⁢ did encounter a‌ minor issue with ⁣leakage, ⁣but customer service promptly resolved the issue ​for me. Great product overall.” – ⁤Michael S.

Overall,⁢ the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV hydraulic filter appears to be a reliable and high-quality product‌ based on customer feedback. We recommend considering ⁣this filter for your hydraulic ‍system needs.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. High-quality‌ construction
2. Wide range of micron ‍ratings ​available
3. Different media⁢ options for various applications
4. Made in ​the⁢ USA
5. Durable and long-lasting


1. Limited ⁤availability in high collapse PSI
2. May be pricey compared to other options
3. May require specific maintenance​ and care


Q: Can the ⁣BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter handle high pressure applications?
A: Yes,​ the ⁢BEHRINGER⁣ BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter is designed to handle high, medium, and low pressure applications. It is​ available in a ⁣High Collapse option with a pressure rating⁣ of up to 3045 ​PSI.

Q: What‍ media options are available ⁣for the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter?
A: The⁢ BEHRINGER ⁣BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter is available in Pleated Microglass, 304 SS Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Pleated Paper Media, Sintered Fiber Media,‌ and Water Removal⁢ Media ​options to suit different ⁤filtration​ needs.

Q: What micron ratings are‍ available⁢ for the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV ​Hydraulic Filter?
A: The‍ BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter is available in a 10-Micron rating, with options for 3, 5, 10, and 20 micron ratings. The Stainless Steel version is ⁢available in 10-Micron, ‌25SS, 50SS,‍ 80SS, 100SS, 125SS, ‍149SS, 200SS, and 250SS micron ratings.

Q: Where is ‍the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter manufactured?
A: The ‍BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter is‌ proudly manufactured in ⁣the USA,⁤ ensuring quality and durability ⁤in every product.

Q: Is the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter still in ⁣production?
A: Yes, the BEHRINGER⁣ BE110P12AV Hydraulic​ Filter is still in production and available for purchase. It is part of the complete line of ⁤quality hydraulic ⁢filters offered by BEHRINGER.

Achieve New Heights

As we wrap up our⁢ comprehensive review‍ of the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV Hydraulic Filter, it’s clear that this ‌product is a top-quality option⁤ for high, medium, and⁣ low-pressure hydraulic‍ applications. With​ its various micron ratings, media options, and durable construction, this⁣ filter is sure ⁤to meet ⁤your filtration needs.

If you’re ⁢in the market for a reliable hydraulic filter that delivers exceptional performance, look no ‌further than the BEHRINGER BE110P12AV. Don’t miss out on this excellent product – click the ⁤link below to get yours today!

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