Ultimate Outdoor Screen Mesh: Durable, Shading, Easy Install!

Looking for a reliable and durable solution to add some shade to your outdoor space? Look no further! We recently had the​ pleasure of trying out⁢ the Cool Area‌ 60-70% Shade Cloth and we couldn’t be more impressed. From its heavy-duty knitted mesh design​ to⁣ its ‍easy installation,‌ this tarp has everything you need to create ⁤a cool and comfortable environment in⁢ your patio, garden, porch, or pool area. Join us as we dive into the features⁣ and benefits of this versatile product​ that is‍ perfect ⁣for any outdoor setting.

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Our team recently had the opportunity to ⁢try out this incredible‌ mesh tarp, and we were thoroughly ⁤impressed by its ⁣quality and performance. One of the ‍standout ⁤features of this product‍ is ⁤its super long ⁣service life, ​thanks to the use​ of UV-resistant materials that ensure⁣ durability for years to come. The double-stitch⁤ sides and reinforced edges provide an extra layer of reliability that we truly ⁢appreciated.

With a 60%-70% shading rate, this shade tarp ​effectively blocks ⁤direct sunlight, creating a healthier ‍and cooler environment. We found this mesh screen‍ to be incredibly versatile, as it‌ can be used in a variety of settings including backyard, pool deck, greenhouse, or⁢ even as a dog kennel⁢ cover. The easy installation process, thanks to the rust-free aluminum buckles, made⁢ setting up this tarp a breeze. If you’re in need of a heavy-duty and reliable mesh tarp for your outdoor ⁢space, we highly ‌recommend checking ‍out this product on Amazon.Product Features and Highlights
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The Cool Area Shade Cloth is truly a‌ reliable and durable option for a variety of outdoor spaces. With UV resistance​ for five years and​ double-stitch sides, you can⁢ trust that this mesh tarp will​ last for years to come. ⁢The 60%-70% shading rate is perfect for blocking direct sunlight, making it healthier to be outdoors while also lowering the temperature. ‌Its multi-application‍ design allows it to be used in various⁢ settings such as‍ backyards, ‍canopies, pool decks, greenhouses, ‌and more.

Installing ​this heavy-duty mesh ‍tarp is a breeze thanks to its rust-free aluminum buckles evenly spaced every 20 inches.‌ Made of⁤ 100% New High-Density Polyethylene fabric material, this ⁣tarp offers excellent resistance‌ against⁣ tear, UV rays, wind, and high/low temperatures.‌ Whether you need shade for your garden,‍ protection for your dog kennel, or ⁣coverage for ‌your playground, the Cool ⁤Area Shade Cloth is a ⁣versatile and long-lasting solution. Experience the ‍benefits of this mesh ​tarp ‍and upgrade your outdoor space today.Detailed Insights ⁤and ‌Recommendations
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When it comes to the Cool Area⁤ Shade Cloth, we were⁢ impressed by the attention to detail and high-quality materials used ‌in its construction. One of the standout features that caught our⁤ eye was the super​ long ⁣service life that this shade⁢ cloth offers. With UV‌ resistance for up to five years and double-stitch sides with wide polyester​ webbing reinforcement,‌ you can⁤ trust that this ⁢product is durable and reliable for years ⁣to ⁤come.

Another aspect of ‌the Cool Area Shade Cloth that we appreciated was its versatility in application. Whether⁤ you’re looking to cover ⁣your​ backyard, pool deck, greenhouse, or even create a shaded spot ‍for your ‍furry friends in a dog ​kennel, this mesh screen has got⁢ you covered. With its heavy-duty construction made of 100% New High Density Polyethylene ⁣(HDPE) fabric material, this shade cloth is designed to withstand the elements and provide you with 60%-70% shade coverage. Installation is ⁤a breeze with the rust-free aluminum buckles spaced every 20 inches, making it easy to tie the ‍tarp securely. For a reliable and durable shade solution, check out the Cool Area Shade Cloth and elevate ‍your outdoor space today. Check it out here. Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer‌ reviews for the‍ Cool Area 60-70% ⁤Shade‌ Cloth, we have gathered valuable insights that can help you​ make an informed decision before purchasing this product.


1. Great for hauling‍ rock, dirt, etc. in a mini dump ‌trailer without⁢ anything⁣ flying out.
2. High quality shade⁣ cloth that substantially lowers patio temperatures.
3. Perfect for keeping bugs out and cats safe ⁣on⁤ balconies.
4. Durable construction with plenty of grommets​ and ‍long-lasting hems.


1. Tricky installation process for some users.

Overall, the ⁣Cool Area 60-70% Shade Cloth is a great choice for those looking to create a ⁣shaded ⁢and bug-free outdoor space. It is durable, high-quality,⁣ and provides excellent protection from the sun. However, be sure to educate yourself on the different shade percentages to ensure the right level of shading for your ⁢specific needs.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


  • Super⁣ Long Service Life: Our mesh screen is made of high-quality materials that ensure a ⁣long-lasting product.
  • 60%-70% Shading Rate: The shade tarp provides excellent‌ protection from direct⁣ sunlight, ⁤creating a cooler and more comfortable outdoor environment.
  • Multi-Application: This mesh screen is versatile ⁣and can be used in various outdoor settings such as backyard, pool⁢ deck,⁣ gazebo,‌ and more.
  • Easy Install: The mesh comes with aluminum buckles for ​quick and hassle-free installation.
  • Heavy Duty: The mesh tarp is durable and resistant to tears, UV rays, wind, and extreme temperatures.


Size Limitation The 8x10FT size may​ not‍ be suitable for larger outdoor areas.
Color Options Only⁢ available in black, limited color selection.

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Q: Can this mesh⁢ screen ​be used in windy‍ conditions?
A: Yes,​ our mesh screen is designed⁤ to withstand windy conditions with its heavy-duty construction and excellent resistance against wind impact.

Q:‌ How easy is it to⁤ install ⁢this mesh screen?
A: Installing our ​mesh⁢ screen is a breeze! It comes equipped with rust-free aluminum buckles that make tying the tarp with a string or cable tie​ incredibly easy.

Q: How‌ long ​can I expect this mesh screen to last?
A: Our mesh ⁣screen is made of high-quality materials​ and‌ UV-resistant fabric, ensuring a long service life of up to five years.‌ With double-stitch sides and reinforced edges, you can trust that​ it will remain durable for years ‌to come.

Q: Can this mesh screen be used for‌ multiple applications?
A: Absolutely! Our mesh‍ screen is​ versatile and can​ be used‍ in various ⁢settings such as backyards, pool decks, gazebos, porches, gardens, dog kennels, and even as mosquito netting. Its ‍60%-70% shading rate makes it‍ perfect for creating a cooler, more comfortable outdoor ⁣space. ‌ Experience Innovation
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Thank you for joining us​ on this ‌journey to⁣ explore the ultimate outdoor screen mesh! We’ve learned all about the ⁢durability, shading benefits, and easy installation process of ‍the Cool Area 60-70% Shade ⁢Cloth. With its⁣ long service life, versatile applications,⁢ and heavy-duty construction,⁣ this mesh tarp is sure to enhance your⁢ outdoor⁢ space for years‌ to come.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of this fantastic‌ product for yourself, click here to get your hands ​on the Cool Area 60-70% Shade Cloth now! Don’t miss out on creating a⁢ comfortable and ​shaded outdoor oasis with just a few ⁤clicks.

Let’s‍ make our outdoor​ spaces‌ cooler, healthier, and more⁤ enjoyable with the Cool Area Shade ⁢Cloth. Until next time,‌ happy‍ shading! 🌞🌿

Get your Cool Area Shade Cloth now!

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