What You Should Expect During The Kangaroo Island Walk






An awesome place to find yourself this holiday season is the Kangaroo Island. The numerous benefits associated with walking have endeared many persons to the sport and one great place to carry the exhilarating task is the Kangaroo Island.


The Kangaroo Island is renowned for being amongst the top liveliest coastal tracks on the planet with a close proximity to a wide range of species found on air, land, and sea. However, its greatest features can only be fully explored on foot, this has led to the notoriety of the Kangaroo Island walk. This Island offers more than just these. A vivid description of what else you need to know about the Kangaroo Island walk is described below.


The Kangaroo walking island holiday has been a constant feature of this island for many years. Many individuals have come from different parts of the world to enjoy this thrilling holiday experience which encapsulates national parks for naturalists and walkers. The tall cliffs of limestone dominating the coastline landscapes is a beauty you don’t want to miss out on. The visibility of the coastal landscape which stretches and the vast wildlife makes the island a sight to behold.


The Kangaroo Island walk can be fully experienced within a seven day period. A section of the island can be explored on a given day. This is what you can expect from each day of the trip:


On the first day, you can expect to start journeying through multiple areas including the Onkaparinga area, the Mclaren Vale winery district and Fleurieu Peninsula, down to Cape Jervis. On the second day, you can expect to get to the end of the Island’s eastern parts touring three historic centers including the Cape Willoughby light station. This light station affords you the opportunity to walk through history and reach a maximum climb of the lighthouse. Still, on the second day you expect to get to Seal Bay, a mid-section of the island housing the Australian Sea lions.


The walk on this day features a wide variety of species to be seen, these include penguins, fur seals, echidnas, wallabies, kangaroos, possums, goannas, koalas, platypus, and Cape Barren geese. The boardwalk offers a great view. The Admiral Arch, a place where you can find the fur seal colony, Cape du Couedic, a lighthouse precinct, and Weirs Cove are sites you will definitely get to during the afternoon walks.


The Kangaroo Island walk on the third day will take you through the Snake lagoon which is a relatively moody place to pass by. The Rocky River is another fantastic site to be explored through the noon on this same day. Sanderson Bay and the well structured Remarkable rocks sitting on the large granite dome will be fully explored on the fourth day. The walking track leads to a dense mallee country place on the coast.


The fifth day takes the excitement down to remote Hanson Beach. The walk through the delightful bushlands offers the sight of the bird life view and an outspread lagoon. You can opt to visit the most beautiful Australian beach i.e. Vivonne Beach that same afternoon. The Kangaroo island walk takes you to Cape Borda, a remote region on the sixth day of hiking. You will explore fascinating caves of limestone in the Ravine des Casoars area.


After the exciting experience through the week-long Kangaroo Island walks, you return to the mainland on the seventh day. This is an experience no one should miss.

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