How to Choose the Right Sportswear for You






Over the past decade, people have become more conscious about health and fitness. Almost everyone has their own version of a fitness regime, whether it is working out in gyms, doing yoga or playing sports. Sportswear has already been an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. Here are 5 tips to aid you in choosing the best sportswear for you.


When buying an active wear, aside from fitting it and observing your reflection, always move while wearing it. Do elaborate movements like jumps, squats, walks and lunges so you can gauge how it feels. It is important to choose sportswear that gives you freedom to move without being too tight or too loose.

Supports You While Working Out

Aside from the right fit, you should also consider its support and material used. Those made from materials that wick sweat from the skin are always your best bet. Aside from allowing air circulation to keep you cool, it also avoids the uneasy sticky feeling of excessive sweat. Also, choose ones that provide support on specific areas such as back, chest, abdomen and buttocks for better performance. You can order a custom sportswear to make sure that it is made according to your preferences.

Seamless Design

One of the best aspects people love is the seamless design of sportswear. Make sure it fits just right and it doesn’t get in your way while working out. Aside from comfort, perfectly fit sportswear also looks more appealing than those loose, baggy sweat clothes.

Wear the Right Kit

Always match your kit with the type of sport you’ll be doing. Even if it looks good on you, never mismatch them since you’ll only end up looking like a weirdo. If you’re going cycling, jogging or any activity that mainly involves rapid leg movements, choose well-fitting shorts so that they don’t get in the way or get stuck somewhere else. You can use yoga or gym pants when doing slower workout such as yoga and stretches.

Lose the Sleeves

Sleeveless sportswear are more fashionable than its sleeved companions. If you’re worrying about feeling cold, try throwing on a jacket and remove them when you’ve warmed up enough. Sleeveless also feel more comfortable and they don’t trap much sweat as you workout.

Choose Good Shoes

In picking the right athletic shoes, keep in mind that they must fit well and provide great support and cushioning. Wearing a good pair of shoes not only helps you improve performance but also prevents minor back aches.

Never Forget the Extras

Aside from choosing the best sportswear, never forget to grab on the extra stuffs that will enhance your workout experience. Always keep a water bottle at hand to quench that thirst. You can also doll up your sports bag to make it look cuter. A pair of earbuds lets you enjoy your workout while listening to your favourite music. You can also put on a smartwatch to track your heart rate or record time.

You can combine fashion and utility in your sportswear. Just keep the above tips in mind as a guide in choosing the perfect one for you.

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