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Athletes are often advised to take care of their body but not may are stressed upon the importance of foot care. Bad foot care for athletes can result in many inconvenient or painful experiences that can pretty much ruin one’s productivity at the respective sport.

Here are three solid tips on how you can take care of your feet and prevent painful blisters and related pain to keep your feet happy and productive.

Invest in the right footwear and its complementary 

First things first, the feet are one of the primary partsof our body that supports our body in sports. So, it’s highly important to give feet their due care by investing in the right footwear. But when we talk about footwear, we often focus only on the right pair of shoes for the relevant sport. Not many consider the complementary good a pair of shoes need.

Nowadays there are complementary goods for sports shoes specifically designed for each sport. This keeps your feet safe and away from possible damage that can arise depending on the type of your sport and the foot movements they call for. One good example would be soccer socks.  

It’s this complementary combination with the right shoes that ensures the right foot care for athletes.

soccer socks
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Blister foot care with Vaseline 

Blisters are another common damage athlete’s encounter in their heel or bottom of the feet. This occurrence is common especially when you wear a new pair of boots. The best way to avoid blisters or even ease you from this pain is to apply Vaseline in the heel area of your feet.

Besides, when you want to recover from this pain, make sure to wear sandals when you’re not playing. This will avoid your blister from rubbing into surfaces when they don’t have to.

Sore feet treatment with Epsom salt 

Tired/sore feet is another painful experience athlete go through, especially during practices, pre-season, or tournaments.

Just sprinkle some Epsom salt in a tub and soak your feet in it. You can also use warm water for extra relaxation, but don’t use this treatment for blisters.If you’re in the mood for a bathtub session, you can feel free to soak your whole body, as Epsom salt is good for your legs and back muscles as well.

Adjust your footwear according to the season 

In winter or cold days, warm your boots. This makes the shoe mould to your feet better, loosens the stiff feel of the shoe when cold, and keeps you warm while playing. You can simply put them under the car floor heater while driving or place them under the hot air vent and turn on the floor heater for few minutes.

On summer or hot days, opt for light-coloured shoes. Dark-coloured shoes will absorb heat and make your feet hot, uncomfortable, or even make your feet feel like they are burning. Light-coloured shoes will reflect heat without absorbing them, making you feel comfortable while playing.

To sum it up it’s best to say that as much as we stress upon a healthy and fit lifestyle for athletes to get better at a sport, it’s equally important to give the right attention for foot care. Try these tips and see how it can go a long way in keeping your feet happy and comfortable at your sport.

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