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Giving birth is both a blessing and all also a test of how much pain you can handle. While some sail through it quite well other mothers rather not go through that experience any time soon, however it is the natural to feel oozy, sore and little irritated in general. The recovery period varies between each mother depending on your overall health, level of fitness and trauma your body has experienced, usually however it does take up to 4 to 6 weeks for your body to somewhat go back to normal.

Postpartum is the most challenging period as you have to now take care of your baby as well as your aching body. Therefore, being ready for all surprise your body is going to throw at you is crucial.  There are the usual set of items that all new mums need from clothes to relaxation methods that help her look after her baby and herself. Here is a list of things she will need.

Ice pack

Nothing cures soreness or pain like an ice pack. Whether you had a natural or C-section birth your body is likely to be sore and wounded. Now looking after a baby your body isn’t given time to rest therefore your body is still under stress.

An ice pack will help ease or numb areas of pain that are still recovering from the birth. There are different sizes and types of ice packs that can be applied to different part of the body. Ice packs are highly recommended for new mothers as it is easy to use and provides the comfort and pain relief needed.

Comfortable clothes

Anything tight is a complete turn off; new moms need to be in comfortable, soft and easy to wear clothes. Clothes such as maternity gowns, nursing bras and even cotton underwear are some of the must-haves. There is no timeline as to how long she will need to wear this type of clothing but keeping a stack of clothing is highly recommended.

nursing bras
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Sitz bath

There is something comforting about sitting in a tub of water to soak away pain, a sitz bath is exactly that. It is a tub that a new mom can sit in and soak away the pain. The bath can have cold or warm water depending on what helps better.

Maxi pads

Postpartum bleeding lasts for a few weeks depending on your body. This is the residual leaving your body and can vary in flow. A new mum will have to wear a pad and have to continuously keep them with her till the bleeding stops. You should however keep track of colour and consistency and consult a Doctor if bleeding does not stop after a period of time.

Painkillers and creams

The best way to get rid of pain that is persists is to take a few painkillers. Consult your Doctor on how regularly to take painkillers. Numbing creams and antibiotic creams can also help heal wounds and soreness better.

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