Revolutionize Your CPU Cooling with The NZXT Kraken 240 – A Review

By REVIEWS Feb 11, 2024
Revolutionize Your CPU Cooling with The NZXT Kraken 240 – A Review

Welcome to our product⁢ review blog post on the NZXT ⁣Kraken ‌240 – RL-KN-240-B1 ⁢- 240mm ⁣AIO CPU ⁤Liquid Cooler. As avid tech enthusiasts, we were ⁣thrilled to ‌get our hands on⁤ this customizable liquid cooler, and we can’t ⁣wait to share our first-hand experience with you. With its sleek design and impressive specifications, ⁢the NZXT Kraken 240 promises to deliver powerful cooling and personalization options like never ‌before. Join us ​as we dive into​ the ​details ⁣of this high-performance ‍pump, the ‍LCD display, and the overall setup process. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out⁤ on all that ​this cooler has to offer!

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In the “” section, ⁤we want to give you a brief introduction to the NZXT Kraken 240 ​AIO CPU Liquid‍ Cooler. This incredible cooler brings a whole ​new level of ‌customization and performance to your PC setup. With its⁣ customizable 1.54″ ‌square LCD display, you can display your favorite animated GIFs, static images,‍ monitor real-time PC performance metrics, and even integrate web content. The LCD display has a resolution of 240×240 and a⁢ bright ‍300​ cd/m² backlight, truly ​bringing⁢ on-screen content to life.

One of ‌the ⁢standout⁣ features of the NZXT Kraken 240 is its high-performance pump. The powerful⁢ Asetek pump operates at up to 2,800 ⁤RPM, ensuring efficient and quiet coolant circulation. This ‍means that your CPU ⁣will stay cool even⁣ during intense gaming sessions or demanding ⁢tasks.​ Combined with the included static pressure ⁤fans with‌ fluid ⁤dynamic ​bearings, which provide an⁤ optimal balance of high static pressure and airflow, you’ll ​enjoy powerful‍ cooling with minimal noise.

Setting up the NZXT Kraken 240​ is a breeze ⁤thanks⁤ to its simple setup.​ A single⁣ breakout cable from the pump to the motherboard makes installation quick and ⁣hassle-free. ‍Whether you’re a seasoned PC builder or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the ease of⁣ installation.‍ To take ⁤full advantage⁢ of the customizable LCD​ display and other features, simply download⁣ the NZXT CAM software and unleash ⁢your creativity. So why wait? Experience the next level of PC cooling and personalization with the ⁣NZXT Kraken 240. Get yours today by clicking‌ here.

Key‍ Features and Customization Options

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The NZXT Kraken 240 is packed ⁤with impressive features and customization options that⁤ make it a top choice for cooling your CPU.⁣ One standout feature is‌ the customizable 1.54″ square LCD display. With​ a resolution of 240×240 and a‌ bright 300 cd/m² backlight, this display brings your on-screen content ‍to life.​ Whether you want to show off your favorite animated GIF, monitor real-time PC performance metrics, display the music that’s currently ‍playing, or integrate web content, ‍the NZXT CAM software⁤ allows you to personalize the display to suit your preferences.

In addition to the LCD display, ⁣this liquid ​cooler ‌boasts a⁣ high-performance‌ pump. The⁣ powerful Asetek pump ⁢operates at up to 2,800 RPM,⁢ ensuring efficient and quiet coolant circulation. This means ⁣that your CPU will stay cool under even the most demanding ⁣tasks, without⁢ causing excessive noise. The included F120P ‍fans with fluid dynamic bearings‍ provide an optimal balance of⁢ high static pressure and‌ airflow for powerful ⁤cooling. Not only does this keep‌ your CPU running smoothly, but it⁢ also minimizes noise​ for a more pleasant computing experience. Plus,⁣ the simple setup​ with⁤ a single breakout cable from the ‍pump to the ​motherboard⁤ makes ​installation quick and easy.

If you’re in search of a liquid cooler​ that offers both exceptional⁤ performance and customizable features, the NZXT Kraken 240 is the ⁣perfect ⁢choice. Enhance your PC ‌setup and keep your CPU running cool with ⁣this high-quality liquid cooler.‌ Click here‌ to get yours on​ Amazon today.

Performance ‍and⁣ Cooling Efficiency

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In terms of , the NZXT Kraken 240‌ AIO CPU Liquid Cooler delivers exceptional results. The high-performance pump, operating at up ​to 2,800 ⁢RPM, ensures efficient ⁤and quiet coolant circulation, effectively‍ keeping temperatures ⁤in check. This allows for optimal⁣ performance‌ and prevents any potential overheating issues.

The​ included static pressure ‍fans with fluid dynamic bearings strike the perfect balance ⁣between high static pressure and airflow, resulting in powerful cooling with minimal noise. This is⁣ particularly beneficial for those who value a quiet computing experience without compromising on cooling performance. The combination ⁣of these fans and‍ the powerful pump guarantees that your system⁢ stays cool even during long gaming sessions or CPU-intensive‍ tasks.

Additionally, the customizable 1.54″ square LCD display adds a unique touch to the cooler. With a resolution of⁢ 240×240 and a bright⁢ backlight, it brings on-screen content to life. Whether you want ​to display ‍a‌ favorite animated GIF, monitor real-time PC performance metrics,‍ or integrate web content,⁣ the NZXT CAM ⁢software allows for ⁢easy⁤ personalization. The⁤ simple setup, with a ‌single breakout cable from the​ pump to the motherboard, ensures a​ hassle-free installation⁣ process.

If you’re looking‍ for a liquid cooler ⁢that combines top-notch performance ⁣with efficient cooling and customization options,⁣ the NZXT ⁣Kraken ⁤240 AIO ‍CPU Liquid ⁤Cooler is a⁣ fantastic⁣ choice. Enhance your system’s⁢ cooling ‍capabilities and personalize your setup with ease. Grab yours now and experience the benefits firsthand! Check​ it out on ⁤Amazon.

Recommendation and Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, the NZXT Kraken ⁣240 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler is a ⁢fantastic ⁤option for those ​looking for high-performance cooling solutions. With ‍its customizable 1.54″ square LCD display, you can personalize your setup by displaying animated GIFs, static images, or even monitor ⁣real-time PC ⁢performance‌ metrics.​ The display truly brings content⁢ to life with its 240×240 resolution, 30 Hz refresh⁤ rate, and bright 300 cd/m² backlight.

One of the standout features of this liquid cooler is its powerful ​Asetek pump, which‍ operates ​at up to 2,800 RPM, ensuring efficient and ⁤quiet coolant circulation. This means⁤ that ⁤you can enjoy powerful cooling ⁤performance without any unnecessary⁢ noise. Additionally, the static pressure fans with fluid dynamic bearings further enhance the ​cooling efficiency ⁤by providing an optimal balance of high static pressure and ‌airflow.

Setting up the NZXT Kraken 240⁤ is a ​breeze, thanks to its simple setup design. With a single breakout cable from the pump to the motherboard, installation becomes seamless and⁢ hassle-free. No⁢ need‍ to spend hours⁢ figuring out‍ complicated wiring configurations.

Overall, we highly recommend the NZXT Kraken 240 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler​ for⁤ its impressive performance, stunning LCD display, and easy installation process. If ⁢you want to take your PC cooling‌ to the next level, click here to get your hands on this remarkable cooler⁢ on Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We ‌have analyzed several customer reviews for the NZXT Kraken 240 ⁣and compiled the essential information to help ⁣you ‍make an informed decision about this product. Here’s what customers are saying:

Noise Customers appreciated⁣ the ultra-silent operation of‍ the​ Kraken 240 with Noctua fans and praised its noiseless⁤ performance even at high loads. In comparison,​ customers reported that the pumps of ⁣Corsair AIOs​ were unbearably‌ loud,⁢ affecting their ⁤overall experience.
Performance Customers found ⁢the cooling performance of the Kraken 240 to be superior to ⁣the Corsair⁣ AIOs. They reported lower idle‌ and load temperatures with the Kraken 240, highlighting its effectiveness in efficiently cooling their CPUs.
Aesthetics & RGB Aesthetics and RGB preferences varied among customers, with some expressing a preference for the design and brightness of Corsair’s pump and RGB lighting. However, ‍others​ appreciated the customizable RGB‍ lighting on the Kraken 240’s pump head and found it⁢ visually appealing when​ combined with other‍ NZXT fans ⁤in their ​build.
Installation Customers generally found the‌ installation process of the Kraken 240 to ⁤be straightforward. They ⁤appreciated ⁤the clear instructions provided by NZXT and the secure mounting⁢ system. However, some customers mentioned that the length ⁣of the‍ wires could ​be longer, and the ⁤pump head couldn’t⁤ be⁤ installed in a ⁣traditional 90-degree angle due to interference with RAM housing. Nevertheless, they found the pump head ⁣easily​ rotatable ‌and adjustable, allowing them to achieve their ⁢desired setup.
Value The Kraken 240 is considered a premium product, and​ customers‍ acknowledged its premium ‌price. While it may not be the best choice for those ⁢on a tight budget, ⁢customers who ⁣valued efficient ‍cooling, build quality,‌ and aesthetics‍ were⁢ satisfied with their investment.

Overall, customers were impressed with the NZXT Kraken 240’s cooling performance, silent operation, and aesthetic‌ appeal. Despite a few minor concerns,⁤ such as subpar RGB brightness and wire length, ⁢the Kraken ‍240 received positive reviews and lived up‌ to ‌customers’ expectations.

Note: Customer reviews⁣ are subjective and based on individual experiences. It’s always recommended to consider multiple sources of information before making a⁢ purchase decision.

Pros & Cons

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Revolutionize Your CPU ⁣Cooling with⁣ The NZXT Kraken 240 – A Review

When ‍it comes to CPU cooling, the NZXT Kraken 240⁤ is a game-changer. ⁣With its impressive features⁣ and customizable LCD display, this‍ liquid⁣ cooler provides⁣ a high-performance​ solution for keeping your CPU running smoothly. However,‍ like any product, it has its pros and cons. Let’s dive into ‌the details:


  1. Customizable LCD⁤ Display – One of‍ the ‌standout features of the NZXT Kraken 240 is its 1.54″ square ⁤LCD display. With a resolution of 240×240 and a bright backlight, ⁤this display‌ brings images, ⁣performance⁢ metrics, and more to life. It allows you‌ to personalize your cooling system by displaying your‌ favorite animated GIFs or static images. The ability to integrate web content and ⁢monitor real-time PC performance metrics adds another‌ layer of functionality.

  2. High-Performance Pump – The NZXT Kraken 240 boasts a powerful Asetek⁤ pump that operates at up‌ to 2,800 RPM. This ensures efficient and ‌quiet‌ coolant circulation, keeping your CPU temperatures ‍in check even‌ during​ demanding tasks. The pump’s‍ performance is guaranteed to provide​ optimal cooling, allowing for long gaming or heavy workload sessions without‌ worrying about overheating.

  3. Powerful Cooling Fans – Equipped⁣ with two F120P fans, this liquid cooler offers powerful cooling capabilities. The fans utilize fluid dynamic bearings, which strike an optimal ⁢balance between high​ static pressure and airflow. This design ensures effective cooling while minimizing noise levels. Whether you’re overclocking your‍ CPU or simply want to keep it running cool⁢ and quiet, these fans will ​get the job done.

  4. Simple Setup – The NZXT Kraken 240 is ‍incredibly easy to install. Thanks to ‍the ⁤single breakout cable from the pump to the motherboard, setup becomes a breeze. You don’t have to worry ⁤about complex wiring or confusing instructions. ‍This simplicity adds to the ⁣overall user experience and saves you⁤ valuable time ‌during installation.


  1. Price – As with any high-performance ⁤product, the NZXT⁢ Kraken ⁤240 ​comes with a price tag. The innovative LCD display and powerful​ cooling capabilities make it a top-tier option,​ but it‌ might not be ⁢the most budget-friendly choice. If you’re on a tight budget, you may need ⁣to consider more affordable cooling options.

  2. Size – The NZXT ​Kraken 240’s dimensions⁢ of ‍12.87 x 9.61⁢ x 5.55 inches might not fit well in smaller PC cases or tight spaces. Ensure that your case has enough‌ clearance and can‍ accommodate this liquid cooler before making a purchase. ⁤Measure your available space and consider the size of your components to‍ ensure⁤ compatibility.

In conclusion, the NZXT​ Kraken 240⁣ is a remarkable liquid cooler that truly revolutionizes⁢ CPU ⁤cooling. With its customizable LCD display, ⁢high-performance pump,⁤ powerful cooling fans, ‌and simple ⁤setup, ⁣it offers an exceptional cooling solution. While​ the price⁣ and size ⁤may be potential drawbacks⁤ for​ some ‍users, the overall⁢ performance​ and functionality outweigh these cons. If you’re looking⁤ to take your CPU cooling to⁢ the next level, ⁢the NZXT Kraken 240 is​ definitely‌ worth considering. ‍


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Q: Can the LCD​ display⁤ show both GIFs and static images?
A: Yes, the customizable 1.54″‌ LCD display‍ on‍ the‍ NZXT Kraken‌ 240 can display both animated​ GIFs⁣ and‍ static ‍images. You can personalize your‍ cooling system with your favorite visuals.

Q: What is the resolution of the LCD display?
A: The LCD ‍display has a resolution of ⁣240×240 pixels, ensuring⁣ clear and detailed ‍images and performance metrics.

Q: How often does⁤ the LCD display refresh?
A: The ‍LCD display has a refresh ⁢rate of 30 Hz, providing smooth​ and fluid on-screen⁤ content.

Q: ​Is ‍the backlight of the‍ LCD display ‍bright enough?
A: Absolutely!‌ The LCD display on‍ the NZXT Kraken 240 features⁢ a bright​ 300 cd/m² backlight, ⁢ensuring vibrant and vivid⁤ visuals.

Q: Can you control the pump speed?
A: Yes, ‌the powerful ⁣Asetek pump on the NZXT‌ Kraken 240 operates at up to 2,800 RPM. You can adjust ‌the pump⁣ speed to achieve efficient and quiet ⁢coolant circulation, depending on your cooling needs.

Q: ‍How does the cooling performance of⁤ the NZXT Kraken ⁣240 compare ⁢to other CPU coolers?
A: The NZXT ‍Kraken 240 offers powerful cooling with minimal noise. The included Static Pressure Fans with ‍fluid dynamic bearings provide an optimal balance of⁢ high static pressure and airflow, ​resulting in excellent cooling performance for your CPU.

Q: Is ⁣the​ setup process complicated?
A: Not at all! The⁢ NZXT Kraken 240 features a simple⁣ setup. With a single breakout cable⁣ from the pump to the motherboard, installation is quick ‌and hassle-free.

Q: What‍ kind of personalization options ‍does the NZXT Kraken 240 offer?
A: The‍ NZXT Kraken 240 allows you to personalize your cooling system in ⁢various ways. With the NZXT CAM software, ⁣you can display ‌your⁤ favorite animated GIFs or static images, monitor real-time PC performance‍ metrics,‌ see the currently playing music, integrate web content, and more. The possibilities for personalization are ⁣endless!

If ‌you have any further questions about⁣ the NZXT Kraken 240 or need more information, feel free to ask! We’re here to ⁢help.⁢

Embody Excellence

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In conclusion, the NZXT‌ Kraken⁣ 240 ⁣has truly revolutionized​ CPU cooling. With its customizable​ 1.54″ LCD display, ‌you can now bring ⁣your PC to life with stunning images, performance metrics, and even GIFs. The high-performance pump ensures efficient and quiet ‍coolant circulation, while‌ the powerful cooling provided by the static pressure fans keeps your CPU running​ at optimum temperatures ⁣with ⁣minimal noise.

Setting up the Kraken‍ 240 is a breeze, thanks to⁤ the single breakout cable that ⁤connects it ‌directly to your motherboard. And ‌with NZXT CAM software, you have endless personalization options at your fingertips. Display your favorite GIF, monitor real-time‍ performance metrics, integrate web content, and ‌so ‍much more.

Don’t settle for mediocre CPU cooling any longer. Upgrade to the ⁢NZXT Kraken 240 and​ experience the ultimate cooling solution for your PC. Click here ⁣to get yours now and take your CPU ‌cooling to the next level: Revolutionize your CPU‌ cooling with the NZXT ‍Kraken 240⁣ – Get it now!

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