How To Select a Wedding Theme?






It wouldn’t be a lie if all admit they have dreamt about their big day and idealized the event! 

Indeed, weddings are one of the biggest days in one’s life. Therefore, one starts planning for it, months before the main day to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

One main aspect of planning the whole event is to finalize the wedding theme. Once the theme is confirmed, it helps in guiding the other elements of the planning process, such as decorations, dress codes, colour schemes, and much more.

However, it may be a daunting task to narrow down the options and select one theme. Whether you want it to be a romantic eve? A modern outlook? There are endless wedding styles in today’s time that can leave one feeling overwhelmed. 

How to decide on a wedding theme?

To break down the decision-making process, one can follow this structure to select the theme. Begin by considering the elements that describe you and your partner the best. After all, the theme should speak your style.

Perhaps, opt-in for colours and details that hold a sentimental value, and have a deeper meaning and attachment. Refining these aspects will help you get a base and a kick-start in your theme planning process. From there, you can start the drill to draft a theme plan; jot the ideas you like and eliminate the ones that are not of you.

There is not fix style to host a wedding, keep it personal and unique as much as possible. However, one must always bear in mind the venue and the forecasted weather in mind when deciding the theme. Below, we have listed a few theme ideas and wedding styles for you.

The different styles of wedding themes


To set this ambience, one should have soft hues and space filled with florals. In addition to it, gentle lightings create a perfect romantic wedding type. For example, you could arrange hanging lights and a flower wall. 

Moreover, one could always use the help of resources available to be inspired for decorative ideas. Event planner consultations, Pinterest, Wedding magazines are a few examples. Besides that, you could also search for wedding dresses online to find the best style that goes well with the theme. 

Alternative Style

If you are one of those couples who never stick to the ordinary, this is for you. Bring in the traditional with an alternative modern look. For instance, if you like cool and chill ambience, moody palettes colour scheme better than florals and typical décor styles, then you are free to explore this alternative technique!

Whimsical wedding theme

Whimsical-themed weddings are one of the most vibrant and colourful ones. It is all bright and quirky, with bohemian components. The event can be decorated with splashes of colours, vivid florals, and multi-coloured balloons, to create a rich and bright atmosphere.


To create a rustic, homey vibe for the function, you could use the following elements in your décor. 

The lights, mason jars, lace, florals, twine, and even the barn. 

These are a few of the popular themes one could use. However, there are numerous other themes one can explore.

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