How Can You Identify An Addiction Early On?






Identifying addiction in its early stages can be the best way of overcoming it before it takes full control of your life. How can you do this? By keeping an eye out for the many obvious signs of addiction. They are obvious but the catch is that unless you know what you are looking for you will not be able to actually catch a glimpse of it either. If you know somebody who has been acting out and wants to find out whether they could possibly be struggling with addiction, here are some of the most prominent signs and red flags that you need to be looking for.

Is The Person Behaving Erratically?

Erratic behavior can be linked to many different situations which is why you will need to know the person closely before you can assume anything. If the said person is behaving in a manner where there is no logic to the actions that they take and seem to actually be rather dazed and disoriented themselves, you have cause to believe that they are under the influence of a substance or that they are having some kind of issue that is affecting their health. In either case, you can take action to help them out, such as finding out what’s wrong and even recommending a suitable luxury rehab option if they are up for it.

Has The Person Been A No Show Lately?

Another possible sign of addiction is when a person who has no health issues and no family issues that you know of affecting them starts to be a no-show for the most normal daily activities that they would take part in or if they start missing out on things that they would never ever have missed before. This does not mean that your college friend who misses three days of college is addicted but your college friend with great grades who is suddenly failing and is consistently absent could be having a problem.

How Do They Look Physically?

We all know that when a person begins to abuse substances one of the biggest side effects is the change that you can see in their physical appearance. With time, their hair will begin to thin out and fall off, their skin will become sallow and blotchy, they will lose considerable amounts of weight, their eyes will have a sunken appearance and they will, in general, look much older than they should be looking. They will also appear to be rather ill always.

Obvious Signs of Abuse

If you say needle marks on the hand of a friend who you know without a doubt is not getting medical treatment that is a red flag. If your friend is losing way too much weight and they have no medical concerns that is a red flag. If they are losing memory and missing chunks of time that is a red flag. But there is one very important thing that you need to know. The signs of addiction are also similar to many signs of disease. Therefore before you jump the gun and tell somebody to stop abusing substances, give them the chance to talk to you and if you then feel that they are addicted, offer to get them the help that they need.

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