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We all need a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed and rejuvenated so that we can wake up the next day and do all the things that we have to do. However, our lives have now got so chaotic and hectic, that when we hit the bed at night we stay up for long hours not being able to fall asleep because there are so many things running in our minds at night. This can really have a bad effect on our sleep. And when we are unable to get a good night’s sleep you wake up feeling tired and restless. This can affect your whole day as you will feel lethargic and not upto task.

There are some things that can help you get a better sleep at night. Some of those things include physical exercise. To work out before bedtime is a really good practice that would help you fall asleep faster. If you are a gym member, try going to work out sessions in the evening so that when you come home, you can straight away hit the bed and fall asleep better. Things like yoga is also very helpful as it has many health benefits. Also there are many stretching and breathing exercises that are ideal to help you fall asleep better at night.

It is important that you try aromatherapy as well, as there are many oils that are custom made for better sleep. Scents like lavender are known for their power to induce better sleep among humans. So it will be really helpful if you can light some lavender candles on your bedside table as the scent will help you sleep better. If you are not much of a fan of candles, you can use oils and sprays as well that would serve the same purpose.

Make sure that you sleep on comfortable bed linen as the comforts of your bed really affect the quality of your sleep. Many of us buy bedsheets and quilts that look really beautiful but are actually not comfortable on the skin. If your sheets cause irritation to your skin, get rid of them and sleep on comfortable sheets that will affect the quality of your sleep.

Avoid taking any caffeine before bedtime, as this will tend to keep you up all night. Most of us intake a lot of coffee during the day that at night time we are wide awake. Caffeine has an affect to keep you up and not let you fall asleep for hours. If you are used to having a warm beverages at night why don’t you try some Chamomile or mint tea that will help induce sleep better. Tea is actually a good beverage to have before sleep. It is also important that you put away all mobile phone and laptops and any other digital devices at least an hour before sleep. This practice can really help affect the quality of your sleep. Also it is important that you train yourself to eat a light meal for dinner so that you can fall asleep faster and better.

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