A guide for teachers to survive the first day of school






A life of a teacher can be a difficult one, it is not an easy job at all. Many teachers do not get the recognition that they are due, for the many hours they put in trying to prepare work for their students. A life of a teacher is one that needs careful organization and planning. If you have recently accepted a job as a teacher and you have no idea how to prepare for your first day, here are some tips that you can benefit from greatly. It is important to not be anxious or panicked. Kids tend to pick up on that vibe, and they could make the day even more difficult for you.

So try and be as relaxed as possible as it will help you gain confidence and manage your class well. No matter what age group you teach, you need to radiate confidence as an educator for your students to take you seriously and command their respect. When you give out a vibe of confidence, your students will too feel comfortable around you and show you the respect you are due. Hence they will also be supportive and cooperative in class.

It is important that on the first day you create a good first impression on your students. So choose your outfit carefully. You should be dressed professionally and smart that will indicate that you take your job as a teacher very seriously. You might also need comfy shoes, as it is most likely that you will spend most of the day standing. So do not wear uncomfortable heels and shoes that will give you blisters, as this will create such annoyance in your mood, which will affect the impression you are trying to create in the minds of your students. So make sure that you pick your outfit and shoes carefully in order to make a good first impression.

There is nothing that kills confidence than unpreparedness, so as a teacher, you need to make sure that you are prepared for your class. Go over the material a day or two before and familiarize yourself with the course content. Also be prepared for all possible questions and try and figure out a fun way to communicate this knowledge to the class. Do not just read out of the book as this will immediately take the children’s focus away from you making your class a boring one. You do not want to be labeled as a boring teacher, therefore find some creative and fun ways to teach the content. You can always open with a joke or some fun question, this is a great way to command the attention of the class and keep them all interested in the lesson.

A teacher needs to look and feel fresh in the morning. Therefore make sure that you have plenty of good night’s sleep before a morning class. When you have a good night’s sleep you will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and it shall show in your appearance as well. A well-rested teacher also is able to manage her class well.

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