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Contrary to popular belief, not all women enjoy trawling the shops on a busy Saturday or Sunday. Some people may enjoy walking around a shopping mall in their off time, leisurely meandering to see what’s on offer or to find something specific, but to others, fighting through the crowds of people may seem like a nightmare. Thankfully, in the case of the latter, online shopping has evolved to what it is today: an efficient, quick and secure way to purchase your clothing and designer jewelry from home.

The biggest advantage of all has to be the convenience. Since most of us have regular jobs, shopping on weekdays when you know it won’t be as busy as on a weekend, is simply not an option. You can pour a nice glass of wine (or open up a beer) and browse in your own time without feeling rushed. Also, if you’re looking for something specific, like a fashion jewelry piece to wear to friend’s wedding, it is much easier to narrow down your search online than to scour shops endlessly just looking for that one perfect item which may not even be there. You’re also not limited by location since many retailers will ship overseas.

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Another popular reason for online shopping is the save on costs; transport costs money, whether you’re driving your own car or making use of a taxi. It’s also very common for designers that sell online to lower their prices since their overall costs are lower as well – there is no need to pay rent for a physical store and there are fewer employees that need to be paid their wages, so the lower the sellers own costs, the lower the buyers’ spend. There are other savings too: when you’ve spent the better half of the morning walking up and down a mall and realise it’s 12:00, your stomach will probably be telling you that it’s time to pop into the nearest restaurant or coffee shop; or if you see a pretty scarf that you like (but don’t need), you’ll probably be more likely to add that to your physical shopping basket if you’re already on your way to pay.

You also save time in terms of traffic and possible queues in the changing room and pay point; some people like to knock down their tasks quickly and are therefore more drawn to the online option.

Of course, everything in life will have pros and cons, but it all depends on what you prefer as an individual. Some shoppers may take issue with the fact that you can’t try things on whereas others may be happy enough with an easy returns policy; some may long for that instant gratification when making a purchase while others enjoy the anticipation of waiting a few short days for their delivery to arrive; some may miss the help from the assistants who help you find the perfect matching designer jewellery whereas others will be thankful for the peace without them.

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