Stylish Wall Tile Inspirations for Your Bathroom






Tiles are the best material when it comes to high moisture areas such as the bathroom. They are resistant to water and durable; you can be sure that they would last for a long time even if they get wet a lot frequently. Tiles also come in different colours, patterns and styles so you can always pick one that suits your bathroom décor scheme.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or still designing your new bathroom, you might still be searching for nice ideas on how to beautify that space using tiles. You’ve come to the right place since here are some of the stylish ways to use tiles on your bathroom wall.

Luxurious Marble Wall

If you’re aiming for a classy or luxurious style bathroom, you can never go wrong with marble tiles. It instantly transforms your space into something elegant plus it makes smaller bathrooms look wider because of its natural bright colour. It can also make your bathroom have a spa-like ambience, making it a perfect space to relax and retreat after a long day.

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Patchwork Feature Wall

Another great bathroom wall idea is to create a patchwork feature wall. This style is perfect for small bathroom spaces since the colourful tiles distract the viewer’s eye from focusing on the size of the room. To create a patchwork feature wall, choose one wall that you want to set as a focal point. Usually, the best wall is the one where your bath is located, but you could still choose other walls.

Then, you could create a patchwork style by installing assorted patterned colourful tiles or mosaic tiles on your chosen wall. Leave the other walls with neutral-coloured tiles to get the viewer’s focus on the feature wall. For quality and stylish mosaic tiles Melbourne has some great suppliers offering a variety of designs perfect for your bathroom.

Herringbone Wall Tiles

For bathrooms with high ceilings, herringbone tiles are the perfect one to use on walls. This style draws the viewer’s eye upward, creating a statement on your bathroom. Choose ones that have patterns or textures to make the wall look more interesting to look at rather than just plain and simple. The variations in tone would surely give a unique style to your bathroom making it something out of the ordinary.

Large Scale Natural Stone Tiles

If you’re aiming for a natural-looking bathroom with a spa-like feel, you could easily achieve it by using natural stone tiles on the walls and the floor. Natural stones have varied patterns and no two tiles look the same. Go for large scale tiles to showcase the different patterns a lot better and create an elegant bathroom wall. There are plenty of stone choices to choose from such as marble, granite, onyx, and many more.

If you’re looking for nice ideas for your bathroom wall, those 4 mentioned above are really worth trying. You can be sure that your tiled wall will look stylish and unique among regular bathrooms out there.

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