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In addition to the power consumed by your dryer, the appliance heats up your home causing you to run your air conditioner. The extra energy used in cooling your house increases your power bill. Alternatively, you can use a clothesline to dry your clothes. Drying your clothes outdoor, under the sun reduces energy cost.


Besides energy savings, drying laundry outside allows sunlight to disinfect and whiten your clothes. It makes your clothes smell fresher than tumble-dried laundry and does not wear or ruin the materials. Hanging up or removing clothes on a clothesline enables you to increase your physical activity and can aid weight loss.


Despite the benefits of drying clothes outside, you may not have an appropriate space to hang your clothesline. Using wall mounted clotheslines can solve the problem of drying space. You can hang this type of laundry drying rack on your balcony or walls outside your house. This design of clothesline has become a popular alternative for individuals who have no space to mount the rotary clothesline.


Wall mounted clotheslines are not difficult to use. They have a folding action that allows you to control its usage. You can fold such drying rack away from its anchorage when you want to use it. You can carry out this operation comfortably on some designs with a hand, especially when you have your washings under on arm.


Collapsing the clothesline flat against the wall moves it out of the way when not in use. Slightly raise the front bar of the rack up to unfasten it. Then, bring it down to lie against the wall. Once your clothes are dry, you can remove them and fold the drying rails down. Most models of wall mounted clothesline can be folded. The folding action allows you to maximize the space over which the clothesline hangs.


Wall mounted folding clotheslines come in various designs. You can select a drying rack of your choice from the wide range of stylish clothesline. It is an ideal option for people who want to take advantage of sunny days to dry their laundry but do not have enough drying space. You can install the drying rack on the outside of your house wall or fence.


You can also use these clothesline indoors. They are great for hanging towels in the bathroom. You can also install them in the laundry room or garage. Most drying rails of wall mounted clotheslines are made of steel and coated with a white finish. These bars provide a drying space that will be enough for a full load of laundry. Also, the drying lines are well spaced to allow proper circulation of air between your washing. The laundry on the inner rails closer to the wall may not dry as fast as others.


The wall mounted clotheslines are easy to install. Instructions on how to mount them are clearly written on the body of each packaging.  Don’t discard it after opening the unit. Follow the guide to get the work done.  A drying rack gives you an opportunity to save energy and enjoy the freshness of clothes dried by nature.


Shop for wall mounted clotheslines if you garden is small with little or no drying space available. Using this type of drying rack can free up space in your home. Besides, you may as well get vitamin D if you decide to dry your washings outside using the clothesline.

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