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When it comes to styling your home, the style options could get overwhelming – from traditional style, vintage, shabby chic, contemporary, and many more. One of the most popular style these days is the modern style.

It refers to a design that looks seamless with neutral tones and geometric patterns as its main style features. Although it may seem plain, modern styles are actually eye-catching when done the perfect way. From modern living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms, your home would surely look fresh and trendy when you use this style.

First, you could start transforming your home by creating a modern bathroom look. Although it would just be you and your family who could see it in most cases, it would still feel great having a stylish bathroom where you could relax and prepare for the day. Here are some of the design tips you could do to transform your bathroom into a modern one.

Keep an Open Layout

An open floor plan is one of the key features of modern designs. As much as possible, avoid features that block the natural flow of light from one space to another. You could use other elements that are not obstructive such as glass or screens to divide different areas of your home. For bathrooms, go for transparent shower screens instead of regular ones to keep the space looking open and spacious. For quality glass shower screens Bendigo has just the right company you could trust.

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Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the key to modern design. Choose simple-looking fixtures and use minimal decorations and accessories to keep your space look open and spacious. You could make up with less decorations by experimenting with colours as accents and incorporating a few plants into your décor.

Make the Key Pieces Disappear

If you want to achieve an ultra-modern bathroom style, one of the effective ways is to basically make all the key pieces in your bathroom disappear. For instance, instead of a regular vanity which could look bulky, you could opt for a floating vanity instead and have more open space around. Install a freestanding tub also makes every bathroom look super modern. You could also have a wall-sized window to bring much natural light in that it feels you’re enjoying the outdoors while you’re relaxing in your bath.

Opt for Neutrals

Neutral hues are always perfect if you want a modern design. They blend perfectly with each other while maintaining the simplicity of your décor. If you want to achieve a warm inviting look in your bathroom, opt for warmer tones such as beige, nude, and wood as the material of choice. If you want to achieve an elegant look, go for darker hues instead such as dark grey, black, and slate as the material of choice.

Now that you have some tried and tested tips, you can now start transforming your regular bathroom into a modern one with these useful and simple bathroom remodel tips.

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