4 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Wall






Have you been planning to get some gorgeous wall art for your living room? Here are four common mistakes to know about and avoid, before you go ahead and invest in something beautiful.

Trying too Hard to Find Meaning in Art

It is not always that you find a piece of art meaningful. People might tell you to pick types of art that ‘speak’ to you in some way, but you might even have to wait a lifetime to find one that does. Keep in mind that you are looking for something to beautify your little space and that the fact that you like a specific work and find it attractive is just a good enough reason to buy it. If you have always admired those amazing wall art prints simply because they are pretty, just don’t hesitate to get one!

Not Understanding the Gallery-Wall Concept

If you have always found the whole gallery-wall concept tricky and never bothered to try it, you probably did the right thing. A gallery wall should not be set up if you don’t know exactly how it is done. If done right, it would turn out fabulous.

But if messed up, that is exactly what it will turn out to be – a mess! Elements like themes, frame colors, styles, and size of the wall are all key and should come together beautifully to create the final look – a gorgeous gallery wall. In short, it takes a creative mind and perhaps, some advice, to ultimately create something exquisite.

Image Source: Unsplash

Failing to Focus

The whole point in putting up a piece of art on your wall is so it would catch one’s eye the moment he walks into the room. In other words, your wall art needs to be the focal point in the space, and it wouldn’t make sense to invest in one if it simply doesn’t fulfill this expectation. Sometimes, it is not the artist’s fault that this fails, but yours!

A piece of art, even a masterpiece, can go unnoticed if you crowd the space with too many details. You need to arrange the space and create a layout in a way that your wall art is everything that gets noticed in the middle of the presence of other elements in the room. For instance, if you’ve got rugs and cushions sitting below the beautiful painting, make sure they aren’t oversized or too vibrant in color or design.

Not Opting for Frames When Needed

There could be many reasons why you do not want to frame your artwork before it goes up on the wall. However, it is a good idea to give it some thought where necessary. If you think about it, you will realize that some art pieces ‘somehow’ tend to look better in a frame than it does on their own.

In case you haven’t noticed, an affordable canvas painting that you grabbed at a sale might look a little more sophisticated when you frame it up. The right frame can add a certain quality to artwork and is a great way to get rid of a ‘cheap look’ in any case!

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