Why You Need to Give Up Dairy (Your Body Will Thank You for It)






Some if not most dairy products are delicious. Who could argue about the comfort a pizza with fresh mozzarella melted on it or a cup of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream could give after a long, stressful day?

There is a catch though to eating too much dairy goodness. Dairy is the stuff of gastronomic nightmares and the reason why some have opted to cut it from their daily diet. Also, people who are lactose intolerant did not have that any choice on the matter.

No more stomach issues

When you give up dairy and only consume dairy free cream and other products, you will notice that you have less stomach issues such as stomach cramps, bloating, and gas. There are people that have a hard time breaking down lactose which produces gases and acids in our intestinal tract. If you notice frequently having these stomach problems, it’s time to make some dietary changes since dairy might be the culprit.

Give Up Dairy
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No more extra and unwanted pounds

If you want to lose weight, one of first steps you should take is cutting back on your sugar intake. Sugar, which lactose is, can lead to weight gain. Once you cut dairy out of your diet, there is a significant decrease in the amount of sugar you consume from the lactose-containing components of some dairy products.

No more skin issues

If you consequently suffer from skin issues such as whiteheads, pimples, rashes, etc., you might be sensitive to dairy. There is even a study linking dairy consumption leads to a higher risk of acne. But if you are already suffering from acne, try to give up dairy products for a while and see if your skin will clear up. If it does, then consume dairy alternatives instead.

No more inflammation

Inflammation is a severe problem since it can lead to more serious health conditions like joint pain or thyroid problem. For some who are sensitive to or allergic to dairy, however, eliminating it may lessen inflammation. You could take fish, fish oil supplements or omega-3-rich foods, to reduce the inflammation. Inflammation could also be because of stress.

No more stomach irregularities

Milk, cheese, and other dairy products with additives could be highly inflammatory. It could affect the stomach, especially for those who could not tolerate dairy well. Not only that, the artificial additives in dairy could also trigger a variety of sensitivities. It may include yeast overgrowth, and GI tract inflammation, etc. These can result in tiredness, upset stomach, and nausea that could lead to tiredness, upset stomach, and nausea. If you frequently experience these stomach irregularities, perhaps it’s time to switch to non-dairy.

Not only would your stomach, joints and skin be better off without dairy, your bathroom trips would also be more pleasant since you would not need to worry about diarrhea anymore and the opposite condition of being constipated as well.

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