How to Identify Quality Treatment in Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers






When it comes to treating alcoholism, there are a lot of treatment forms and approaches out there. The question is “how can you spot quality treatment when you see one?” Due to the numerous treatment options out there, it can sometimes be very difficult to find a quality treatment that will meet your personal needs or that of a loved one.

When looking for an alcohol rehabilitation center, it is crucial that you look for certain qualities in their treatment approaches. In this article, you will find some of the signs of a high-quality treatment that you should look out for.

There is no guarantee, but alcohol rehabilitation centers with all or more of these signs are more likely to provide treatments that are based on the most recent scientific research and strategies, which can increase your chances of recovering and regaining control over your life once more. Here are some of the indicators of high-quality treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation center.


Quality alcohol treatment begins with professional health practitioners that are highly trained in treating addiction. Across the globe, there are lots of licensed therapists with specialties in addiction treatment, alcohol treatment programs that are accredited, and doctors who are board-certified in addiction psychiatry and medicine.

If you are looking for a specialty alcohol treatment program – outpatient, inpatient, or residential alcohol rehabilitation – you should look for the following:

  • Accreditation and present license by an independent review board.
  • A minimum of one medical doctor on staff to attend to patients or to consult when needed.
  • Counseling staff with certification and up-to-date licenses in treating addiction.

Adequate Assessment and Evaluation

Before the treatment process begins, the health professional needs to carry out an adequate assessment of the alcohol use of the patient as well as other behavioral and medical conditions. This process is very important as it will help in evaluating and creating a treatment plan for you or your loved one.

Some of the areas the assessment should cover include: the drinking patterns of the patient, other substances used (if any), job status, mental health, general medical health, social and family support, legal issues, and transportation and housing.

All these and more can have a significant impact on the recovery process of the patient, and they need to be considered when creating a treatment plan for the patient. If the medical professional covers these areas during the assessment, it’s a clear indication that you might get high-quality treatment at the alcohol rehabilitation center. But if patients are only assessed based on drug and alcohol use, it is recommended you stay clear.

Responsive and Personalized Addiction Treatment Plan

Based on the results of the adequate assessment and evaluation, the health professional or therapist should be able to provide a personalized and effective treatment plan for the patient. When it comes to treating alcoholism in an alcohol rehabilitation center, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment.

High-quality alcohol rehabilitations know this, and they are able and ready to provide a combination of medications, behavioral treatment, and support services that will suit the unique needs of the patient. So you should stay clear of treatment providers that offer a “one size fits all” strategy.

Continuing Care Plans

A high-quality and reputable alcohol rehabilitation center will work with their patients to create a long-term approach to continue support at the end of the initial recovery plan. This is sometimes referred to as “continuing care plans, or aftercare plans.” This will help the patient stay sober and prevent relapse in the long run. If a treatment center does not provide aftercare plans, then you might lack the adequate treatment that you need.

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