How To Care For A Sick Child






As a parent, one of your nightmares would be when your child falls ill and you don’t know what you can do to make sure that they are alright. Of course, you will do the usual things like taking them to the doctor and the likes but sometimes not knowing what you can do to ensure that they are kept comfortable as much as possible can really get to you. If you are new to parenting and you have a sick child, here are some of the ways in which you can care for them.

Get Them Comfortable Clothing

If your child is ill they should be made to feel as comfortable as possible and this means that you should think about getting them the right clothing. Something like bonds baby, for example, would be a good choice so that your child will be able to relax in lightweight and breathable clothing that will not make them feel warm and humid. If your doctor has advised you to not bathe or give a sponge bath to the child refrain from doing so but in most cases, doctors will recommend a quick sponge bath for hygiene reasons and to also keep the temperature down if the child has fever.

Feed Them Multiple Times A Day In Small Amounts

One of the other things that could happen if your child is seriously ill is that their growth and development might get hindered. In order to ensure that this does not happen, you should think about feeding them small amounts of highly nutritious meals multiple times a day rather than focusing on three main meals. Children will lose their appetite really fast once they fall ill so focus on feeding them things like highly nutritious warm broths, juices and the likes with semi-solid food based on the age of the child. You can get the advice of your doctor on this and they will guide you on the kind of diet that you should be giving them.

Always Give Their Medication On Time

If you have been advised to give the child their medication at specific times during the day, make sure that you stick to these and that you also do not miss a dose. In the event that you did happen to miss a dose or if your child threw up immediately after drinking the medication do call up your doctor and ask them before attempting to give them another dose of medication. It is possible that in doing so you might be double dosing the child so before you take any such action always double check and if your child seems to dislike the medication give them something like a bit of jam to sweeten their tongue so that they do not feel that natural gag reflex. These are some of the ways in which you can look after your child when they fall ill and ensure that you do your very best to nurse them back to good health.

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