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Selecting a gift for your best friend can be a really difficult task, because you might not know what might be the best gift for her. Your best friend is a special person to you and you want to give her the best gift.

Below listed are some things you can get her.

Throw her a birthday surprise

Who doesn’t love surprise? It can bring so much happiness to a person. To do this you can talk to her parents and her other friends. Plan out the event, you can do it either at her house or somewhere else. Decorate the place in secret, you can place an order for the cake and other snacks and get it ready. You can then ask her family to the place where you have arranged the event.

Jar with notes

It is difficult to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. Writing It out is much easier so you can make small notes written about how much your friend means to you and the memories you have shared and fold them and put them in a jar. When you are writing make sure to include some funny elements too. Write them in different coloured papers so they look pretty. Wrap this jar beautifully and gift it to her.


Everyone loves to wear new clothes. You rarely find people say no to new clothes even if they have plenty. If you are already aware of her size you can shop for something that looks beautiful and suit her. You can get her something cool like a denim jacket women style or a dress.

With it you can also get jewellery or shoes.

Curate a gift box

You can make a gift box containing her favourite products or some self-care products like body scrub, body lotion, face wash, moisturizer, with scented soap and candles. Or if she is interested in makeup, you can make a gift with makeup products; you can include a lipstick, eye shadow palette, foundation and etc. You can curate any gift box with her favourite things.

Wrap the gift box nicely.

Tickets to her favourite concert or game

Your friend may have a favourite artist or may love some sport. Keep an eye out for any games or shows that may take place in your neighbourhood and if they are you can obtain tickets for it. Since the schedule is usually announced early, try to obtain the ticket as soon as possible as they tend to sell out soon.

You can also gift her merchandise from her favourite sports team or artist or you can gift an album from the singer she loves.You can also take her to a movie. Get the tickets beforehand and surprise her with it on the birthday.

Bake something

Making something by yourself and gifting it will also make her feel very special. If you are someone who is good at baking you can bake her a cake or some sweets and wrap them beautifully and gift it to her.

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