How to Select the Perfect Wine






We all deserve to have good wine, in fact, a great wine when we want to enjoy a drink. However, shopping for wines can be a little more challenging than picking the first thing that you see on the shelf. This can lead to disappointment. If you are in the habit of going to the supermarket to stock up your wine collection, you will need to know how you can choose your wines right. Here are some great tips that will help you do just that.

Always Remember To Read the Back of the Label

We are all equally guilty of picking up a bottle that we see with a nice ad eye-catching label so that we do not even bother to read what goes on the back of the bottle. The label may have something cool like a really cool looking sheep in shades o maybe it has a label that has been made out of fabric and not paper. This still does not mean that you are going to get good wine. In fact, you don’t know anything about the wine until you have taken the time to read the label. So turn the bottle around and read the labeling on the back. Wine is one of those things that are very subjective and the chances are that you already have a good idea about what you would like to drink. You will know if you like your wine light, crisp and fruity or intense and sweet or dry and somewhat tannic or acidic. The label on the back of the bottle will give you a load of information about the flavor profile and the body of the wine that can help.

Know the Regions and Grape Types That You Like

Different regions will produce different wines. If you remember which regions you like, say for example. Yarra valley wineries and the grape type that you like, you will have a much easier time choosing your wines. If you like a wine that you have somewhere, be sure to try and make a note of the region and the place that it was produced in and the type of grape that was used. At the very least you should try and take a picture of the label so that you can refer to this later. Not every wine that is produced by the same winery will taste the same as they will be made under different processes using different ingredients. So always keep your eyes open if you are a true wine lover.

Ignore the Marketing Spiel

When you walk into a store and try to buy wine, you will have marketers come up and throw a bunch of spiel at you so that it intrigues you and tempts you to buy something that you would not otherwise think of. Ignore all the heavy jargon and the really professional-sounding words. You need to go in knowing what you want and that is exactly what you should be buying. Even if there are stickers that read things like Grand Vin, Gold Medal Standard, Grand Reserve, Reserve or Winemakers Selection can just be used liberally and many or may not have significant

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