Pilates Done Right: A Beginners Guide






Whether you’re into fitness or not, having a healthy physical routine is an important part of everyone’s lifestyle. While some workouts might be for you, other might not. The key is to understand, attempt and find one that interests you as well as enhances your physical structure and mental health.

Pilates is known to be a very versatile form of exercise that can be done at the gym, a studio class or even from your home.  In order to build up a this routine, you do not require a professional fitness background. With the right guidance you can easily pick up the right moves and gain the necessary benefits. Keep reading as we give you an insight on what Pilates are and why you should consider it.

What is Pilates?

Let us try to give you a better understanding of this before we go further into it. It is a strength-based work out that dates all the way back to the 20th century and was founded by Joseph Pilates.  Over time the principal methods Pilates were enhanced and inspired through several other workouts.

It is known to have a combination of almost 600 low impact exercise moves that can strengthen and tone your body as well as muscles. Being a workout that targets your entire body and mind makes its one of the great fitness routines to discipline.

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The difference between Yoga and Pilates

Many get confused with yoga and Pilates. While they may be similar, they cannot be more different.  While yoga requires props and mat to help you up in certain poses, it’s not necessarily compulsory when it comes to this.

This is due to the fact that in Pilates, you’ve got a sense of constant movement. Yoga focuses more on deep breathing while Pilates work in connecting your body and mind alongside strengthening your core. If you’re a beginning who’s looking up to take it, you can easily attain some guidance through online Pilates classes while at home.

The benefits of Pilates

Here are some of the advantages of taking up Pilates:

  • Therapeutic – One of the best benefits of Pilates is that if done right with proper focus, it can be a therapeutic form of exercising. It helps you gain body awareness and relaxes your muscles. Its results in your well-being while giving your body the necessary core strength it needs
  • Proper Posture – You can build a proper posture and body alignment with it. This leads you to walk studier with a proper bank and avoid future spinal cord problems. If not taken care of, a bad posture can lead to negative impacts in the long run
  • Flexibility and Mobility – Pilates help increase and improve your flexibility and mobility. Giving your body and joint the right mobility is important in order to keep a healthy balance in your body. A good mobility is received through proper flexibility

A few other advantages include: boosted immunity, strengthened bones, boosts your mood, less stress and more energy.

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