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Hair care and hair protection are a hit or miss for both men and women. It can sometimes be a long tiring process. Usually, there is a lot of trial and error involved before each person finds what works for them in both hair care and styling. Many of our inspiration posts and photos are models that have gone through hours of styling. Those are not the most reliable when trying to copy their styles. 

However, there are many people who have started their own channels to demonstrate how they take care of their hair. It has proven to be useful as many others have found tips and tricks that work for them. Still, there are many external factors to take into consideration so with all things involved here are some useful tips for protecting your hair before styling.

Use good products

Many hair product manufacturers sell shampoos and conditioners on the large scale using ingredients that does more damage to hair than they let on. Ingredients such as Sulphur is the largest component that damages hair making it dry and brittle. New research has shown that using products without Sulphur has proven to be much healthier for the hair making it grow stronger and retain moisture. 

If you do use heat on your hair regularly. It is vital to use a hair protectant before applying the heat. This prevents your hair from getting burnt and losing its moisture. The product locks it in helping the hair to retain its shine even under the constant heat. You will need to do research on what type of products suit your hair and external factors such as humidity and the weather. 

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Using high-quality equipment

We have all experienced trying to buy cheap equipment and that resulting in burnt hair that gets further damaged. This can especially be seen with equipment such as wave curler or low-quality straighteners. This is why it is of prime importance to invest in high-quality equipment that comes with inbuilt heat protectors. They not only last much longer but also keep your hair styled for longer. 

Styling with day-old hair

Heat is bad for hair when applied regularly so it is best to style hair with at least a day-old hair. While you may wonder if that’s a good idea. The natural oils that the scalp creates protect the strands from heat. They coat the hair lessening frizz. It also helps keep the hairstyles for longer if you aren’t using any setting product. 

The right drying process

It is good to let hair air dry after a shower instead of constantly using hair dryers. If you are in a warmer climate let your hair air dry before using any product. It is still damp as that can damage it further. The air dry is better for the scalp too as it takes a natural course to dry and locks in moisture. 

Follow these tips for the best results.

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