6 Tips for Finding the Best Tattoo Studio in Melbourne






Choosing the best tattoo studio can be a tricky decision, with more and more tattoo studios opening in Melbourne every year. Before you commit to an artist and a location, it’s important to do your research first. Can they fulfil your style wishes? Are they clean and hygienic? Do they have the relevant training and qualifications? This article will help you find the best tattoo studio in Melbourne to ensure your experience is comfortable and stress-free.

Get Recommendations from People You Know

The first step is to get in touch with any family or friends who have tattoos. They’ll be able to give you valuable advice and recommend the best tattoo studios they’ve used before. In a similar way, they may also advise you of tattoo studios to avoid. You can also take note of their personal tattoos to determine an artist’s ability. Are the lines straight? Are there any blotches? Can you read the writing clearly? The consistency of the tattoo will also convey the quality of the ink used.

Search the Internet for Reviews

Finding reviews online will help broaden your knowledge of other client’s experiences at a studio. They may recommend a particular artist or discuss the quality of a tattoo, which can be important information when you’re trying to find the best tattoo studio in Melbourne. Keep in mind that some online reviews may be a simple miscommunication between the artist and the client.

Visit the Tattoo Studio Yourself

Before you make an appointment, visit the tattoo studio to ensure it’s the right place for you. It’s important that the studio is clean and hygienic to avoid any risk of infection. Introduce yourself to the artist and speak with them to get an idea of whether they can do your design. You want to have complete trust in them, so make sure you get along well with them. If you’re feeling pressured or uncomfortable, it might be best to search for an alternative studio.

Ensure the Tattoo Studio Has the Correct Certificates

Before you commit to a tattoo studio, ensure that all the artists are qualified and have experience behind them. The best tattoo studios in Melbourne will be registered with their local council, so don’t be afraid to ask to see a certificate.

View the Studio’s Portfolio

If you decide to visit a studio, ask to look at their portfolio. This will give you a good idea of past work they’ve completed on their clients. Social media is also a great way to find a studio that you like. The best tattoo studios in Melbourne will have their own social media pages where they post photos and testimonies from their clients. Hashtags can also help you find new tattoo studios in your area.

Know What You Want

When searching studios, you should know exactly what style of tattoo you’re after. This will help refine the choices and ensure your artist is an expert at the type of tattoo you want. Tattoo styles can vary from sleeves and fine lines through to realism and portraits.

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