5 Fashion Rules to Follow for an Ageless Look






We’ve all seen those women who strut down the streets, looking incredibly put together and like they own the world. We can’t help but yearn to be one of them. How do you go from looking like you’re homeless to effortless and ageless? If this is something that’s always crossed your mind, then let us help you out. With just these few rules you’ll understand how to look graceful and elegant using the most simplest of ways.

No Trends

Current trends in the fashion industry are ALWAYS on the move. You simply can’t keep up- and trust us, you really shouldn’t bother. Timeless outfits transcends any sort of trend and have no end to their stylish nature so essentially what you want to do is stick to the classics. Things like black turtlenecks, fitting skinnies, mom jeans, trench coats etc. are basic items of clothing but they will never run out of style! The first step to looking effortless is to pick effortless clothing!

Tailored Pieces

There’s no doubt you’ve seen the current trend of oversized clothing- from jackets to blazers and everything in between. It might work on the big screen but for everyday women, the wrong pick could create a sloppy silhouette instead of the casual look you’re going for. Step it up a notch and look for tailored fits that will give you that curated edge. Hit the boutique dress shops, get that perfect fit!

Classic Shoes

Wearing heels and glitzy shoes all the time screams of too much noise- especially when your goal is to look effortless! Staying true to this goal, you’ll want to stick to classic shoe types like loafers, ankle boots or black pumps. These adjust well with any type of outfit and thus, are the perfect option for a quick stroll out.


For that ageless look, you’re going to want to be careful not to over accessorize. This shows that you’re trying too hard and won’t really match the rest of your look that you’re going for. Remember to your makeup light, and your accessory choices simple. Ideally, you’d choose between two or three to compliment your outfit at a time. If you’re going bold with your earrings, you can skip out on the necklace- vice versa. Or you can just pair your outfit with some sunnies and a belt. You’d be surprised at how much a good belt tends to tie an outfit together.

Invest Smart

Above all else, you need to know when and where to dole out your money. The smartest move would be to invest more on your outerwear. For example, a casual outfit including a tee and jeans can easily be taken up several notches by adding an expensive-looking trench coat or blazer to the mix.

And remember, only you know what works for your body and what doesn’t. You have a good feel of what flatters you most so use these rules as guidelines to get you to a state of confidence and timelessness.

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