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Times can be exhilarating and a bit stressful when you are expecting a new baby. There are lots of preparations to do, many of them involving shopping. Soon-to-be parents are often at a loss with regards to what to buy for the new member of the family. Sure, there are the diapers you have to buy, but what else? Read ahead to find out.

In addition to disposable diapers, consider buying cloth nappies. They are reusable and do not go to landfills that destroy the environment. Also, cloth diapers are light and more comfortable to wear for infants. Wearing heavy and sometimes sweaty disposable diapers may cause rashes on your baby’s skin. Alternating between cloth nappies and disposable ones may help alleviate the condition.

Grooming Items

Your baby needs grooming, similar to adults. You will need to buy special baby combs, brushes and nail trimmers that won’t cause harm. Don’t settle with cheap plastics alternatives here. Rely on a good brand like safety 1st for high-quality baby grooming items. If you are buying online, read the reviews other customers have written first.

Baby Bottle, Nipples, and Cleaning Brush

If you plan on breastfeeding, which you should, you may not think to buy baby bottles. However, you must have a baby bottle set, complete with plastic nipples and cleaning brush, at home and for travels. Sometimes mom might be too tired or have too sore nipples to breastfeed. The couple may also plan outings. In these situations, you will need baby bottles to feed the baby.


The stroller is an essential baby item. Your baby will be ready to go out after the first week or so (depending on what your pediatrician recommends). There are a number of strollers you can buy. The low-cost ones are usually walking strollers. If you are willing to spend more money, you can purchase a jogging stroller. These are sturdier and can ride on rough terrain. The parent can also combine jogging sessions with taking the baby out with a jogging stroller.

Baby Furniture

Plan to buy baby furniture—high chairs, crib, bassinets, changing stations, etc—early on so you can decorate the nursery. It’s important to have items like baby furniture ready by the time the baby arrives. You will also need to spend some time shopping around to choose the best brands that fit your needs perfectly.

Organic Care Items without Harmful Chemicals

When buying baby shampoos, soaps, lotions, oil and similar items, check the ingredients list first. Ideally, it should be really short. Despite popular belief, baby care items do contain harmful chemicals just like in adult products. It’s important to buy a brand without anything harmful, like perfume, as an ingredient. Try to stick to organic brands with few or zero chemicals as ingredients as much as possible.

Rubber Sheet Protectors

Don’t forget that your bed and baby’s crib will require rubber sheet protectors to go under the baby. Babies often do not give warnings before soiling the sheets. Buy rubber sheets to protect the mattress.

In addition, you should also have a baby thermometer and a nasal aspirator in your baby gear kit.

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