5 Cool Wallet Types for Any Woman






Have you been thinking of getting your sister or a friend a brand-new wallet as a gift? Here’s some insight on the types you can look at.

Long Wallets

Aren’t at least 90% of women known for their tendency or their need to carry a lot when they are out and about? A long wallet is just what these women would want to own, perhaps a couple of them, so they can swap to match their outfits and different occasions. You may want to check out a classy range of leather wallets for women.

These have plenty of pockets for different kinds of cards – be it bank cards or membership cards of some sort, in addition to all the cash. Long wallets usually come with a chain attached to it, so they can be simply and conveniently hooked on to one of the loops on your belt or one corner of your hand bag, if you like it that way.

Chequebook Wallets

Most women are financial managers in their households, partly at least. The fact that these women will fancy a chequebook wallet is nothing to be surprised about. Despite modern, card-less facilities available at a click on the mouse or a touch on the mobile phones, people including women still do have their own reasons for wanting to carry a chequebook in their wallets and paying with it. These wallets are large and convenient, and are no less functional than the previous type.

ID Holder

Women of a minimalist nature are the type who can ace at their game with nothing more than an ID holder! These are little pouches that they would find just right to carry their top important cards, some cash, also those little chits of paper with phone numbers written on them! Nevertheless, you don’t have to be a simple minimalist to want to carry an ID holder. In fact, this type of wallet becomes any woman’s friend when they are traveling on business or otherwise.

Coin Wallet

As mentioned previously, there are still so many out there who, despite living in a tech age, consider it mandatory to carry cash with them. These people also need a proper solution to carry and keep their coins together, which otherwise can be quite annoying and inconvenient.

Coin wallets are meant just for the purpose, and again, is a women must have of all accessories. Ideally, you would carry your coin wallet along with a regular wallet in your handbag, and choose to leave it aside depending on the circumstances.

Money Clip Wallet

You may find it odd, but there are plenty of women out there who are legit users of money clip wallets. Again, you could say that they belong to the minimalist type who don’t want any unnecessary fuss.

Despite its name, a money clip wallet is designed with a few convenient pockets so one could carry their debit and credit cards, along with IDs and other essentials. In short, they are quite a handy type when you have to head out in a rush – grab your wallet, your jacket and your keys, and off you go!

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