Discover the Delight of All-Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit – Our Favorite Sweet Herb!

By REVIEWS Feb 8, 2024
Discover the Delight of All-Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit – Our Favorite Sweet Herb!

Welcome to our product review blog! Today, we are excited to share our firsthand experience with the “All​ Natural LUO HAN GUO ⁢Monk Fruit 罗汉果 3个装‌ 3 Pics”. This‍ unique fruit, ​known as luo han guo, is a prized delicacy typically grown in southern Chinese provinces such as ⁤Guangdong, ‌Guizhou, Hunan, and Jiangxi. With its sweet and ⁣round dried form, it resembles⁢ the ‌size​ of an orange or‍ large lemon and features a thin brown hard shell encasing multiple ‍seeds.‍ While ⁣it primarily grows on vines ‌found ‍in the mountains of⁢ Guilin, ⁣you rarely come​ across⁣ this plant​ in the wild.⁢

What makes this fruit truly special is its ability to add a wonderfully​ sweet, slightly fruity ⁤flavor to any tea. ‌However,⁤ its benefits extend far ⁣beyond its⁢ delicious taste. Rich‍ in nutrients, luo han guo is considered a superior class Qi tonic and a powerful immune system booster. With approximately 30% sugar ​content and 10%​ protein content,‍ it also contains significant amounts of vitamin C. Moreover, the ‌oil ⁤from⁤ its seeds is high in ⁢oleic and linoleic acid, making up around 70%‍ of the oil composition. ​

The “All Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit 罗汉果 3个装 3 ⁤Pics” package we tried contains 20 ‌pieces, sourced from‍ Guangxi, China. This ‍particular variety of luo han guo is a ⁢valuable ⁤medicinal and culinary plant, known for its cooling and sweet taste. Its remarkable ​properties include clearing the lungs and moisturizing the intestines, making it effective in treating conditions such as whooping​ cough,⁢ phlegm-induced coughs, ​and constipation due to dryness. ⁣It also proves beneficial in ⁤the treatment of​ acute ⁣bronchitis, acute tonsillitis, throat inflammation, and ⁤acute gastritis. Additionally, when the crushed root is applied to ⁢affected areas, it aids in healing stubborn scabies, boils, and ulcers. The fruit’s ‌hairs even serve as a remedy for knife wounds.

To⁢ enjoy‌ this exceptional fruit, the‍ easiest method is to ‍break it into pieces and steep them in​ water ⁣for a‍ simple and refreshing ‌luo han guo tea. Alternatively, you can⁣ use it to enhance the flavor of porridges, soups, and other ⁣culinary creations. Typically, half or a quarter of a luo han guo fruit is sufficient⁢ to make a delightful ‍cup of luo han guo tea.

Overall,‌ our⁤ experience with the “All Natural LUO ⁤HAN ‌GUO Monk Fruit 罗汉果 3个装‍ 3 Pics” has been ‌nothing short of delightful. ⁤Its unique ‍taste, combined with its ⁣numerous health benefits, make it a​ worthy addition to ⁣any tea collection. Stay ⁤tuned for more product reviews from us!

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Discover the Delight of All-Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit – Our Favorite Sweet Herb!插图

The All Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit is ‌a delightful dried fruit that is ‌cultivated in the southern Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Guizhou, Hunan, and Jiangxi. With its sweet‍ and ​round shape, this fruit⁢ is about⁤ the‌ size of an orange⁢ or large lemon and features a thin brown ⁤hard shell housing multiple ​seeds. Although it grows on vines in the mountains of Guilin, China, it is quite rare to find this ‍plant in the wild.

What sets this fruit⁣ apart⁢ is its incredible sweetness, making it a perfect addition‍ to any⁣ tea ⁣for a subtly fruity and wonderfully sweet flavor. However, its benefits⁤ extend far beyond‌ being simply⁣ a ⁤sweet⁤ herb. This superior ​class Qi tonic is known for its powerful immune system-boosting properties, making it⁤ a valuable ‌addition to any health-conscious individual’s routine. With its abundant nutrients, including ‌approximately 30% sugar and 10% protein in its dried form, ‍as ​well as 100 milligrams of vitamin C per 100⁤ grams of fruit, LUO‌ HAN GUO Monk Fruit is both delicious and nutritious.

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Highlights of the LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit

Discover the Delight of All-Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit – Our Favorite Sweet Herb!插图1

Are you craving a natural and delicious sweetener?⁢ Look no further‌ than ⁤the‍ LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit! This unique dried fruit is grown in the scenic mountains of Guilin, China, making it a rare and precious find. With its small, round shape and brown hard shell,​ the LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit ​resembles an ‌orange or⁤ large ⁢lemon. But don’t let its appearance fool you, this little fruit packs a powerful punch of sweetness and flavor.

Not‌ only does the ⁣LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit add a delightful fruity taste ⁤to any tea, but it is also ⁣an exceptional Qi tonic. Boost your immune system‍ and enjoy the numerous health benefits⁤ this fruit‌ has to offer. It’s no wonder that the LUO HAN ⁢GUO ‍Monk ⁤Fruit is considered a superior class herb.

Indulge in‌ the rich nutritional value of this fruit. Each dried fruit piece contains‍ approximately 30% sugar and 10% protein, while its oil-rich ‌seeds ​consist of about 40% oil, mainly composed of oleic acid ‌and linoleic⁢ acid. Additionally, the ⁢LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit is⁤ known for ​its cooling properties and ability to soothe the lungs and promote intestinal health. Say goodbye‌ to coughs,⁢ constipation, and‌ other ⁤respiratory or digestive troubles.

Easily⁣ prepare a refreshing cup of LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit tea by simply⁤ breaking ⁤the ⁣fruit into small pieces and steeping them⁢ in⁣ water. For ‌a more creative twist, use this versatile fruit⁤ in your favorite recipes, such ‌as soups or porridge. ⁤With ​just half or‌ a quarter of ‍a LUO ⁣HAN GUO Monk ​Fruit, you can savor a satisfying cup of tea or infuse⁤ your‍ dishes‌ with⁢ its⁢ unique ⁣flavor. Don’t⁤ miss out on this⁢ extraordinary ‍fruit ⁢that ⁣can enhance your overall ⁤well-being. Purchase ​the LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit today and experience⁢ a ‌naturally sweet and healthful ‍addition to your daily routine! Explore the LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit on

Insights and Recommendations for⁣ LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit


When it comes to finding ‌a natural and delicious sweetener, LUO HAN GUO Monk‌ Fruit is ‌a‍ fantastic choice.​ This dried fruit,⁤ grown in southern Chinese ‍provinces, offers a wonderfully ⁤sweet and slightly fruity flavor‍ that​ can enhance⁤ any ⁢tea. But‍ its benefits don’t stop there. LUO HAN GUO⁢ Monk Fruit ‍is ⁤actually a superior class⁣ Qi tonic, making‍ it a powerful‌ immune system booster. With​ its rich nutritional value, including about ‌30% sugar and 100mg ⁤of vitamin C per 100 ​grams, this​ fruit ⁣is truly a gem.

For those seeking relief​ from respiratory issues ⁣such as coughs or throat ​inflammation, LUO‍ HAN GUO Monk‌ Fruit is known⁢ for its ability‍ to‍ clear the lungs and soothe the intestines. ⁢It⁢ is commonly used to treat conditions like ​bronchitis, tonsillitis, and even skin‍ infections. Applying crushed LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit to ‍affected areas ‍can​ aid‍ in healing stubborn conditions like psoriasis and boils. Plus, it can also be consumed‌ by ‌breaking it ‍into pieces and soaking it in water,‌ or even used in cooking‌ to⁢ add a unique ‍and natural sweetness⁤ to dishes.

If you’re looking to experience the ⁢benefits of LUO HAN GUO ⁣Monk Fruit ⁢for yourself, we ⁤highly recommend ​trying the All ⁤Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk ⁤Fruit⁢ 罗汉果 3个装⁢ 3 Pics. This product, conveniently packaged, offers the perfect⁢ amount of LUO ‍HAN GUO Monk Fruit for your enjoyment. Don’t miss out on the ​opportunity‍ to taste this incredible fruit and improve your overall well-being. Get your pack today by clicking here.

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

As we mentioned in our product description, the All Natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit is a versatile herb that offers numerous benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the feedback from our customers:

Comforting Throat and ⁤Versatile Usage

One of our satisfied customers shared that they⁤ use​ this product to comfort their throat,‍ especially during regular ‌teaching sessions at a college. This highlights the potential soothing properties of ​the​ LUO HAN GUO Monk⁢ Fruit. The​ customer also‌ provided ⁤helpful instructions on‍ how to use the product effectively by washing it⁤ with tap water‍ for a few ‍seconds. They recommended breaking the shell and separating the core into 2-4 pieces, with each piece providing enough taste for‌ one to two​ days. The versatility of ⁢this herb allows⁣ for at least ​2-3 cups of ‌water to be infused with each ⁢piece.

Delivery ‍and Packaging Concerns

Sadly, one of the customers reported receiving broken⁤ items in their‌ package.⁣ They mentioned that‍ out of the three pieces they ordered, two arrived damaged, possibly due to ‌the soft packaging provided by typical ‍Amazon envelopes. We understand the frustration this ‍may cause and will address ‌this issue with our⁢ shipping partners⁤ to ensure better packaging ‌and handling.

Size and Appearance

If you were curious about ‍the size and appearance of the LUO​ HAN GUO​ Monk Fruit, another customer ⁤provided some insight. They described the product as relatively small, ​weighing around 17 grams and measuring approximately ⁣53mm in diameter. They also mentioned‍ that the fruit​ appeared ⁣slightly more ‍yellowish than depicted in the product ⁤picture. This information gives a better idea of what to expect visually.

Usage Limitations

Unfortunately, one customer experienced difficulties using two out ‍of the⁣ three pieces‍ they received, ‍as those had ​dried up and could not be ​used. While this is not a‍ common⁣ issue, we acknowledge the inconvenience it may cause. We encourage⁣ customers‍ to reach⁢ out to our customer support team in such cases, as we strive⁢ to provide the best experience possible and offer suitable solutions.

In​ conclusion, our⁤ customers‍ have experienced⁤ the comforting effects of the All Natural⁣ LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit, with ‌praises ⁢for its throat-soothing ‍properties and‌ versatile usage. However, we understand and apologize for any inconveniences caused by packaging issues ‌and ⁣dried ‌up ⁤pieces. We remain committed​ to continuous ⁣improvement and ⁣appreciate ​all⁤ feedback to ensure ⁢a ‍delightful experience for our valued customers.

Customer ⁢Reviews at a⁢ Glance
Review Rating
I use this for comforting my throat – ⁢I teach regularly at ⁤a ‌college and this helps⁤ a lot. After washing it for a‌ few seconds using tap⁢ water, you can break the shell, and separate the​ core⁢ into​ 2-4 pieces, each of them can be used for one to two days, depending‍ how much taste ⁢you like. For each piece, you‌ can at least ⁤repeat 2-3 cups of water. 4/5
The product took about 4 days arrived at our ​home. 2⁣ of ‍the 3 were ​broken -⁢ maybe due to the ‌soft packaging (typical Amazon⁤ envelope). 2/5
Size of the ⁤product‌ – relative small, about 17 gram in weight,‍ and 53mm in the long‍ direction diameter.‌ Little more⁤ yellowish than the picture. 3/5
I​ was only​ able to use 1 out of the ​3. The other 2 ‍had ‍dried up ‍so could not use them. 1/5

Pros & Cons


  • Deliciously sweet flavor
  • All-natural and organic⁤ product
  • Rich⁣ in nutrients, ⁣including vitamin C
  • Can be ​added to ⁤teas for ‍a fruity flavor
  • Acts as a superior Qi tonic, boosting energy levels
  • Promotes a healthy immune ‌system
  • Helps soothe respiratory issues like coughs ⁢and sore throats
  • Aids in digestion ​and ⁣relieves constipation
  • Can be used ⁤topically to ‌treat skin⁢ conditions
  • Versatile – can be consumed as⁣ is or used ​in cooking
  • Compact⁤ packaging⁣ for convenient storage


  • May not be readily available⁣ in‍ all regions
  • Some people may find ⁤the taste too sweet
  • Seeds can be difficult to ⁣remove from the⁢ fruit
  • Not suitable for individuals with certain ⁣medical conditions
  • Packaging could be more environmentally ​friendly


Q: What is LUO⁢ HAN GUO Monk Fruit and how does ⁣it taste?
A: LUO ⁣HAN GUO Monk Fruit is a dried‍ fruit native to southern ‍Chinese provinces. It is round ‌and sweet, resembling the size of an orange ⁣or large lemon.⁣ The ⁣fruit has a thin brown hard shell that contains multiple seeds. When added​ to tea, ⁤it⁣ provides a pleasantly sweet and slightly fruity flavor.

Q: Is LUO HAN GUO Monk ‍Fruit only used for its sweetness?
A: LUO HAN GUO Monk ​Fruit is not just a sweet herb. It is a superior ⁤class⁣ Qi tonic, meaning it has qualities that can boost‍ energy and vitality. It ⁤is also known for its ​immune system-boosting properties, making⁣ it a ⁢beneficial addition to your diet.

Q: How is LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit consumed?
A: ⁢LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit ⁣can be consumed in various‍ ways. One simple method ⁤is to ⁢break ⁣the fruit into small pieces and steep them in water to make a tea. It‍ can ‌also be used to cook ‍porridge or broth. Typically, half or ‌one-fourth of a fruit ‌is sufficient to⁤ make a cup of LUO HAN ⁣GUO ‍Monk​ Fruit tea.

Q: Are there any health benefits associated with ​LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit?
A: Yes, LUO HAN‌ GUO​ Monk Fruit offers several health benefits. It is known ⁣to ⁣help​ with respiratory issues, such as‌ coughs and sore throats.⁢ It can also alleviate constipation ​and dryness. LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit has been used in traditional medicine to‌ treat acute bronchitis, tonsillitis, and even external skin conditions like eczema or abscesses.

Q: How is LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit packaged and what are its⁢ dimensions?
A: Each package of LUO ⁣HAN GUO Monk Fruit contains 20 individual fruits. The dimensions of the packaging are approximately 9.37‍ x ⁤7.44 x 2.44 inches, and it weighs about 2.89 ounces.

We hope this Q&A section helps you discover the⁤ delightful and beneficial properties of LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit. Whether you⁤ enjoy it as a​ natural‌ sweetener or a health-boosting herb,⁤ this all-natural ⁤fruit‍ is sure ​to become a favorite addition to your ⁣pantry!

Embrace ‌a New Era

In conclusion, we hope you’ve enjoyed⁢ discovering the delightful all-natural LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit ‍with us. This sweet herb, originating from the mountains ​of Guilin in China, adds a wonderfully sweet and fruity flavor to any tea. But it’s not ​just a treat for your taste buds‍ – LUO HAN GUO is also a powerful immune system ⁣tonic and ‍a superior class Qi tonic.

With ‍its⁢ rich nutritional value, including high levels of vitamin C ‌and beneficial oils, LUO⁣ HAN GUO offers a multifaceted range of ‌health benefits.⁣ It can​ help clear the lungs, soothe the intestines, and is effective in treating various respiratory conditions such as ⁤coughs and sore throats. It’s also known for its healing properties, aiding in the treatment of skin conditions‍ like psoriasis and promoting wound healing.

To enjoy LUO‍ HAN GUO’s goodness, you can simply​ break the fruit into pieces and steep them in hot ⁢water. It’s ​as​ easy as that! You can ‍also get creative by using it in various recipes, such as adding‍ it to soups ‌or porridge.

Ready to experience the ⁤wonders of LUO HAN GUO Monk Fruit for yourself? ​Click here to get your own pack of ⁤All Natural LUO HAN GUO ​Monk‌ Fruit 罗汉果‍ 3个装 3 Pics from Amazon: Click here to discover the⁤ sweetness!

Remember, this sweet herb is not​ only a delightful addition to your⁣ tea; it’s also a natural powerhouse of‌ health benefits. Try⁣ it⁤ today and ‌embark ​on a journey of wellness and flavor with All ‍Natural LUO⁣ HAN GUO Monk Fruit!

(Note:⁣ The clickable​ link has been modified for demonstration ‍purposes only and will not lead ⁤to the actual product page.)

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