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The fashion industry is a fickle thing. What is “in” ‘today may not be “in” any longer tomorrow or the next day. Which is why, do not feel obligated to follow trends. Rock your own style and be fearless in wearing your outfits. In addition, it is a great idea to invest in wardrobe staples that are here to stay forever.

Outfits built on a slick collection of pieces make every day dressing less complicated. It only means there is no need to spend a lot of time in front of your closet choosing which outfit to wear. If you are a woman who is fairly new to dressing up, here are the wardrobe essentials for women to create your dream capsule wardrobe.

Crisp White Tee

A crisp white tee is a wardrobe staple that is worth investing in. It is classic and you can wear it all year round. It is highly versatile, too. You can match it with nearly any bottoms you have like jeans and skirt. In actuality, you can wear it to work as well. Just layer it with a coat or knitted sweater and you will look more polished in an instant.

Comfortable Pants

Your closet will never be complete without a pair of comfortable pants. Check out casual pants for women as you will get one at an affordable price.

Little Black Dress

LBD or little black dress is a style essential and you need to have in your closet. It offers versatility as you can wear it from day to night. It has been around for several decades and it is still a wardrobe staple up to this time. The styles of LBD are many, but be sure to have one that fits like a glove.

A Pair of Sneakers

Shop for a pair of white sneakers as you can match it with almost any get-up you wear. If it is your first time to buy a pair of white sneakers, know that it does not have to be from a signature brand. Buy one that is within your budget. There are inexpensive pairs you can score that truly are snappy and comfortable. Be sure to walk it around the store to see if it won’t make your feet uneasy before you pay for it at the cashier.

Jean Jacket

In terms of jackets, get a jean jacket that is wearable whatever the season is. Go for a medium wash jean jacket as it is the most versatile colour you can wear.


Underwear is one of the clothing pieces that most people do not like to splurge on. They think it is trifling as they can’t be seen anyway. However, it is not the case. If you wear a quality underwear, you will feel sexier in a jiffy. It will make you feel confident, too.

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets go well with quite much everything. The leather material itself is a sound investment as it lasting and valuable.

While some of these pieces cost more, they are ageless and can last for many years.   

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