How To Properly Maintain Your Sports Clothing






Clothes are an essential item to protect your body from dirt, direct injury and weather. It is also used in expressing your personality and your fashion sense uniquely. And no matter how many pieces of clothes you have in the closet, you will still look for something new, something that is trendy but useful. In choosing the clothes you wear, you also have to think about the purpose of why you are dressing up. You cannot just wear anything you want. For instance, if you’re going to a party and the invitation specifically mentioned no jeans and t-shirts, would you still go to the party in jeans and a shirt?

The same thing when you practice your favorite sport. There’s specific clothing that you must wear. However, the more you wear that clothing, the faster it gets worn out. So what’s the best way to maximize the use of your sports clothing? You have to maintain it and here’s how.

Keeping Your Sports Clothing Crisp White

Often, white sports clothing becomes yellow as time passes by. Although you have to buy new ones, however, it’s hard to let go of things that have been part of your triumphs. So to revive the crisp white color of your favorite sports clothing, here’s what you can do.

Step 1: In a clean bowl, mix two parts of warm water and one part of baking soda. Stir it until the powder has dissolved and had a white, paste mixture.

Step 2: Brush the paste into the white fabric evenly. Put the paste also inside the cloth.

Step 3: Once you have placed all the paste in the fabric, set it aside for an hour. Afterward, wash the cloth the usual way using your favorite detergent. To ensure that you are cleaning the material properly, make sure to check the tag of the shirt to see what temperature of the water it needs to wash the shirt.

Step 4: During the rinse cycle, put a half cup of distilled vinegar to remove any stain and to freshen up the shirt.

Step 5: Dry your shirt either directs sunlight or air dry.

When Doing Your Laundry, Separate White From Colored Fabrics

It is essential to separate the white from the colored fabrics to avoid color stains on your white sports clothing, especially when you’re washing your Shane Warne designed shirts. Some colored fabric fades, especially those red, blue and black ones, which could affect white fabric that was mixed in your laundry.

Do Necessary Repairs On Your Shirt

If you noticed that your shirt with threads is starting to loosen up, you have to repair it ASAP to avoid more significant damage. The same thing when missing buttons or threads are hanging on the ends. It should be addressed early to maintain the quality of the shirt.

These are some ways that you can do to maintain your sports clothing to its best quality. You don’t have to buy sports clothing always because it might be costly. However, when you do buy one, make sure that you bought the best brands that speak more than its price tag.

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