Earth Tones For The Elegant Woman






Earth tones are those muted colours drawn from the browns, tans, taupe, greys, blacks, some shades of red and greens in an effort to imitate the earth elements such as charcoal, dirt, stones, rock, moss and trees. 


Every single woman should consider brown.  Clay, mud, tobacco leaf, bark, mushroom and woods are some of the elemental earth tones drawn from brown.  These colours make a wonderful business attire ensemble, as in a dark brown clothing, a belt in a lighter shadow of brown, wine coloured bag and socks, tan shoes and fur scarf in a cream shade.

Floral prints, animal prints or web prints in shades of brown add interest and dimension to your outfit.  Mix it up with gold for more elegant attire.  Wear brighter shades of orange for a festive feel!


Green is a refreshing colour drawn from nature, in different shades and tints.  This is a colour found everywhere, from the rainforest canopies to the moss growing on bark, to the grass you are standing on!  If you want to give away the coolness and refreshment, wear green. 

There are so many subtle shades of green in the natural world.  As such the hues of green take their names from nature, such as forest green, pea green, olive green, apple green and spring green.  Pants, jackets and sweaters in various hues of green make a cool outfit.  Water-colour prints in different shades of green add interest and style to your feminine dresses.


Resembling the colours of dirt, smoke, stone and cloud, grey is a successful earth tone used widely in the business world.  It is often combined with black to create a stunning look.   Incorporate cotton, leather, chiffon, cashmere and fur to avoid monotonousness in your grey attire. Set apart some time to find beautiful closet pieces in womens clothing online stores.

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Black is timeless!  As a charcoal colour, black goes very well with every other colour.  An all-black outfit can be worn with accessories in earth tones such as shades of green, or metallic colours like bronze, gold and silver to add spark and vigour. 

How To Combine Earth Tones In Your Outfit?

Trench coats, jackets and blazers in earthy tones always show you stylish and smart even when you go out without giving much thought about it.  Black, brown, grey and tan shoes fit very well with many outfits. 

Wearing these tones on special occasions will be an elegant choice as they highlight you.  Add orange hues or brick reds to these combinations for more vibrant colour schemes in your outfits.

Mint green, khaki green and emerald green can be matched perfectly with beige ensembles.  Wear white on its own, or with greys or black clothing for that exceptionally beautiful and smart look!  

Why Should You Wear Earth Tones?    

Earth tones reflect yourself – your lips, your skin and your hair reflect the colours of the nature around you!  As such wearing earth tones compliment your skin tone and that particular shade of colour your hair, eyes and lips have got.  It can also look rustic, warm and soft on the eye.  These colours are not glossy, not glaring but they are deeply serene and can be incorporated to create a great fashion trend.

Fashion changes forever!  But the earth tones remain as every woman has several earth-tones that will complement the colours of her skin, eyes and hair that never go out of style.  Be a style smart and stunningly beautiful woman in a natural and “earthy” way.

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