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The perfect conference room will not only provide basic amenities. It will inspire professionalism and be the source of revolutionary ideas. It should wow your clients and give them a good impression of your organization. When designing a conference room, you need to keep these aspects in mind so that its functionality is complete. Here’s what you need to know about designing a functional conference room.


The conference room first boils down to your clients’ needs. Of course, they’ll want to be as comfortable as possible and if you want to make a good impression, this is what you’ll focus on first. The space shouldn’t be too large but it should have enough elbow room when sitting down around the table and enough to walk around as well. From executive leather chairs to air conditioning and light carpeting, your conference room must reflect professionalism while easing your clients into the space. Consider how many clients you’ll be expecting so you can have the room measured and a table bought in proportion to its size.

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The Room

The placement of your room also plays a big role. You need to either make sure your room is chosen far from the sounds of distractions or that you soundproof it if not. Also consider the colors you’ll be painting the room with- it should evoke a feeling of calmness and comfort such as a light or neutral shade but also go with the brand and image of your company.

The Table

There are several seating styles you can choose from and each has their own pros and cons. For example, theatre style arrangement means you make the most out of the space in your room. However, it’s less professional for meeting with clients since there’s limited interaction between audience members. Members have to push and shove to exit etc. A U-style arrangement allows for a better focused presentation point where there’s plenty of good engagement to go around. But this arrangement doesn’t maximize the room’s space. Your most popular bet would be the board room, which is great for smaller meetings. Once the table’s position is fixed then decorate the table with some stylish water bottles and clock.

The Lighting

Natural light is always welcome but when that light becomes more of a glare it interferes with your focus and ability to concentrate. So do make sure you have blinds to prevent that from becoming an issue. When it comes to artificial lights, make sure they complement the wall paint you’ve used. Minimize your overhead lighting and also make sure your bulbs don’t give off too much heat. You don’t want it adding to the stuffiness in the air.


Once again, we draw back to the aspect of being comfortable. You need to have a mini-fridge so that your guests will have refreshments. Also install mini-cabinets in case they have any belongings they want to store away that will just stuff up the table. Don’t forget a bin at the corner of the room for any disposables.

Using these steps you can design a conference room that relays not only a sense of professionalism but functionality and comfort!

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