The Essential Elements of a Funeral or Memorial Service






A funeral or memorial service is the way we honour the life of a deceased loved one. Every service is unique since it is tailored to reflect the personal beliefs, culture and preferences of the deceased. Bereaved families are the ones who prepare and plan a funeral service and sometimes they find it hard to think straight with all the grief and stress they feel. However, no matter how unique a funeral service is, there are some common elements that are always present in every service.


This is done before the funeral wherein relatives and visitors get a chance to see the dead for the last time. It is also when they offer condolences to the bereaved family and gather together to share the experiences they had when the deceased was still living. It is usually held at a funeral home but some families choose to do it at their home to make it more personal. Usually, body viewing is held but some families wanted more privacy and keep the body hidden.


Music is one of the key elements in a funeral service. Aside from setting the mood, it also helps us embrace and deal with the feelings of grief and loss. You can set your music selection based on the deceased preferences or how you want the service to feel like. As long as you pick music that has a good taste, it is fine for a funeral.


There are basically no rules when picking readings for the deceased. Anything is applicable from bible verses, poems, song lyrics, to personal heartfelt messages as long as you’re honouring the dead with the message you’re sharing.


A eulogy is a speech done in memory of the life of the deceased. It can be done by family, relatives, friends, colleagues or anyone who has something heart-warming or inspiring they want to share. Three eulogies are usually the limit for traditional funeral services but nowadays, you can have multiple eulogies as long as it is kept short yet heartfelt.


Symbols help us a lot in expressing our feelings. Funeral symbols actually vary across different cultures and beliefs. The most common symbols found in a funeral are candles, flowers, crosses and angels.


This is actually one of the best ways to honour your dead loved one. There are plenty of ways to incorporate memories in the funeral service. A video presentation paying tribute to the life of your loved one is a good choice. You can also ask guests or relatives to share an experience they shared together with the person to make it more personal. Displaying photos of your loved one in the venue is also a good way to pay tribute to the deceased.

Committal Service

This is done before the body is taken to its final resting place. Committal services are often held at the funeral chapel, at the graveside or at the crematorium. Your local funeral directors and clergymen can guide you on what preparations to do for the service.

Those were just the common elements in a funeral service. You can actually add more to make the service more special and personalized.

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