A 101 Guide for Healthy Nails






Having a healthy nail care routine isn’t as expensive as you think. Nor do you constantly need to make salon appointments in order to achieve fresh, strong and healthy-looking nails. While the vitamin and minerals you take do a great deal to your nails, so does externally grooming and taking care of them. Here’s all you need to know about having and maintaining healthy nails.

The importance of nail care

Just like every other part of your body, your nail deserves proper care and attention from trimming to cleansing and moisturizing. This is because, when left unattended for too long, the collected dirt and debris can cause bacterial infections such, yeast or even fungus. We all love having pretty nails;however, it takes a genuine effort and healthy manicure sessions in order to achieve naturally healthy looking and beautiful nails. Taking care of your nails can also be a self-loving and therapeutic thing to do.

How to maintain proper nail care

From achieving pretty nails to healthy looking ones, here are a few simple things you can do at home.

Trimming and filing – when trimming and filing your nails, remember never to cut too close to your skin nor file away too roughly or in a hurried manner. This could damage your nails. It is also recommended to file in a singular direction of movement.

Moisturizing cuticles – with the help of good cuticle oil you can provide your cuticles with the necessary moisture it needs in order to remain healthy, soft and hydrated. It’s also important to handle your cuticles with care, such as pushing them back softly rather than with a harsh force or cutting them off. 

cuticle oil
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Brushing your nails – making use of a nail brush in order to brush your nails helps rid maximum of the dirt and dust stuck under your nails. Think of it as a loofah for your nails, scrub it gently so as to not damage or infect it.

Immediate care for infections – if you notice any sort of infections taking place in your nails, make a habit of checking up with a medical expert immediately rather than delaying it. This is because delaying it can make the bacteria or fungus worse by causing it to grow. This can not only make your nails brittle, but can also cause discolouration and rough nail surfaces.

Nail polish breaks – while there’s no harm in applying fresh coats of nail polish or even glamming it up a little bit, make sure you take breaks from them every now and then, giving your nails some space to breath. Repetitive use of nail polish removers can also cause your nails to dry.

Finger Soaks –   soaking your hands in warm water filled with natural items such as lemon, olive oil, honey, etc not only cleanses your hands but also leaves it feeling soft and supple. It strengthens your nails and keeps it healthy in the long-run.

Don’t forget to use your favourite hand cream to give it an overall moisturizer at the end of it all.

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