4 Tips to Help You Prepare for Laser Hair Removal






The desire for silky smooth skin only continues to grow in popularity, with everyday people around the globe opting for laser hair removal at local skin clinics. A highly effective and safe procedure, laser hair removal is the solution to all of your hairless dreams. Preventing hair regrowth by targeting the hair at its follicle, laser hair removal has time and time again proven its many benefits. But how do you best prepare your skin for laser hair removal? Whether it’s your first time or a maintenance session, follow these steps to ensure you’re getting the most out of your laser hair removal treatment.


1: Avoid the Sun


Prior to your laser appointment at a clinic, it’s vital that you protect your skin as best as possible from the sun. It can be disappointing to turn up to your appointment and realize you can’t undergo the laser procedure due to having been sunburnt or being too tanned. If you’re planning to have laser hair removal performed, it’s therefore important that you’re cautious about exposing your skin to too much sun beforehand. For the most effective treatment, keep your skin as pale as you possibly can. This is because the laser can burn skin that’s been sun damaged or tanned.


2: Avoid Fake Tanning


Fake tan lotions, mousses and creams can also affect the effectiveness of laser hair removal, so a laser hair removalist may turn you away if your skin has been coated with a fake tan of some kind. Pale skin is recommended for a laser hair removal session, as a tan can increase the risk of pigmentation changes and can result in the laser burning your skin. Be sure to fully scrub off any fake tan remnants before you visit a clinic for any laser treatment.


3: Stick to Shaving


Your beauty technician will advise you not to wax, pluck or bleach the treatment area in between your sessions. In particular, your hair should only be shaved in the month before your laser hair removal appointment, as other hair removal methods can largely impact the results of the procedure. The laser needs to pick up on hair in order to work, and if there is not enough hair for the laser to target, the process is ineffective and pointless.


4: Get the Area Ready


Before your laser hair removal appointment, it’s important that you properly prepare the area that’s going to be targeted. The treatment site should be shaved several days before the treatment and properly cleaned so it’s free of any cosmetics, fragrances or lotions before you visit the clinic. It’s also a good idea to arrive wearing appropriate clothing for the treatment. For example, if you’re getting your armpits treated, wear a singlet so that your technician can easily and conveniently target the spot. You should also wear loose-fitting clothing, as your laser therapist will likely use a cooling spray or lotion prior to the laser.  


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