4 Hot Skin Care Trends of 2018






It seems that everyone is on the quest for perfectly dewy and glowing skin, but how do you actually get it? If the frustration of buying and trying out product after product and seeing zero difference is all too familiar to you, it’s likely that you’re looking for the wrong products for your fix.

As the demand for effective self-care and beauty solutions continues to grow, so does the research behind what actually works. This research can help you determine what’s worth investing your money and time into. Here are some of 2018’s hottest skin care trends to try out so you too can experience dewy and glowing skin.

Natural Ingredients

The natural approach to skincare is by no means a new trend, but it continues to be a strong one. Natural ingredients in skincare can offer a wide variety of benefits without the risk and impact of harsh chemicals and parabens. In particular, olive skin care and other farm-grown ingredients can hydrate the skin in a way that’s safe and effective. With a variety of olive skin care products out there, you can buy the perfect balm to get your skin from ‘no’ to ‘glow’. Next time you’re shopping around for a moisturizer that truly nourishes your face and skin, explore the available olive skin care options – your complexion and body will thank you for it.


In combination with a good skin care routine, taking a trip to your local skin care clinic for a lunchtime microdermabrasion treatment might just be what you need to turn your less than desirable skin texture into an amazing, glowing and hydrated complexion. Microdermabrasion is used by beauty gurus across the world due to its excellent exfoliating and rejuvenation benefits. It can also assist with a number of skin conditions, such as acne and scarring. It’s particularly important to invest some time into proper exfoliation like microdermabrasion if you’re subjecting your skin to cosmetics and makeup frequently.

Drinkable Collagen

Forget the serums and tablets – collagen now comes in a convenient drinkable form, meaning you can look after your skin at any time in your busy day. Drinkable collagen supplements are an easy and quick way to boost the main structural protein in your skin – collagen, the protein responsible for elasticity and plumpness. These drinks are also often packed with other beneficial ingredients, including vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants, making them a great choice for those seeking healthier and better-looking skin.

Eye Serums

While it’s all well and good to take care of your skin and body, many people fail to give their under eyes the attention and love they truly deserve. The skin around the eyes is naturally thinner, which makes it vulnerable to an array of skin issues, from puffiness and discoloration through to lines and wrinkles. Dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes can all be targeted with products that encourage a cooling or smoothing reaction. Look for cucumber, caffeine, collagen or olive skin care products to target these eye problems.

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