How to Find the Best Supplier of Bike Carriers






Whether you’re a long-time cyclist or a beginner about to go on their first ride, a bike carrier can help you expand your cargo space and cart your bicycle safely to your next road adventure. That being said, you don’t want to trust your expensive ride to an inferior carrier. Here are a few tips to help you find the best supplier of bike carriers.

Search Online

Doing an online search may seem obvious, but there’s a science and art to getting the right type of information. To ensure you fetch results that are current and accurate, be concise and specific. For example, using the keyword ‘bike carrier suppliers’ is a good start, but this will return a general list of bike carrier suppliers. Try a more specific phrase to get more useful results. For example, if you own an SUV, you might not want a roof-mounted rack because it adds too much height. Instead, try searching for ‘the best types of bike carriers for SUVs’in order to return more relevant results. Once you determine the best type of rack for your vehicle, it’s important to find a supplier of high-quality bike carriers that are durable and easy-to-use.

Read Cycling Magazines

Check out some of the most popular cycling magazines to see what they recommend when it comes to bike carriers. Most regularly include useful product reviews from different suppliers, which is a great way to discover more details about each type of carrier. Since magazine reviews typically mention ease-of-use, quality and price, this is a great place to gather information for a shortlist.

Browse Online Bike Blogs

An online search of leading bike blogs can help you find recommendations for bike carriers that suit the type of bike riding you do. Maybe you’re addicted to mountain biking, or perhaps you prefer the challenge of long-distance racing or you merely love the thrill of being a back road enthusiast. Whatever your reason for cycling, find a blog that speaks to you. Cycling blogs are an excellent resource for discovering which bike carriers other readers love and are using.

Get Advice from Cycling Clubs

Similar to bike blogs, a cycling club is a great place to get insider reviews of specialty products you want or need. Members can recommend trusted local suppliers as well as the best deals on bike carriers. The longer a member has been cycling, the more benefit you can gain from their experience.

Once you have a shortlist of the bike carriers you like, you can start searching for the best supplier. Don’t automatically rule out buying from an online store, as they may offer the best deal. Consider reading multiple reviews for each supplier to get a broader perspective of each one. This allows you to gain insight into different companies and discover how they handle any issues with their products. See which suppliers stand behind their product and find out what warranties they offer. With a little extra effort on your part, it’s easy to find the best supplier of a competitively-priced, high-quality bike carrier. 

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