Camping Solar Panels – Why the Rage?






Camping solar panels or portable solar panels for camping seem to be a recent trend for camp addicts. This is however, no surprise since camping should be fun and every camper would do everything possible to enjoy the experience. Camping itself, being a recreational activity, refreshes, relaxes and entertains. But imagine making the most out of camping with you are the right appliances like a fridge, phones, electric lanterns and more. If you are pleased with the idea of camping with your technology for maximum recreational experience, then you certainly will be interested in these solar panels for camping.

What Are Camping Solar Panels (CSP)?

A solar panel is an array of photovoltaic cells which absorb radiant energy and converts it into electrical energy. In other words, it is a device that turns sunlight into electricity. CSP’s, therefore, are portable sized solar panels that can be easily transported, which allow you to generate needed electricity on your camping trips. They might be panels which can be mounted on the roof of your vehicle or, much suitable for campers, roll-up “solar blankets”. Some also come as mobile panels which can be adjusted anywhere to absorb sunlight. Camping panels, however, need a few other devices to function effectively. These said devices include a solar charge controller (to regulate power output), a battery and an inverter (to convert power for use of electrical appliances.)

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What’s The Rage Behind CSP?

There are valid reasons why camping solar panels are an emerging trend among campers. These reasons are basically underlain with the merits of using the system.

First, it’s renewable. Campers care about the environment. Thus, CSP, rather than generators are the more appropriate systems for generating electricity while camping outdoors. The panels make use of solar energy and this energy, while renewable, is converted to electrical energy in a green and environment-friendly manner. It is done without releasing fumes and harmful gases as by-product.

Camping panels are made suitable for camping. Hence, they are portable. What this means is they can easily be used in mobile capacity and do not require permanent installation. Some can be folded to the size of a laptop and, with some weighing about 12oz, you are provided with enough power to last the entire camping trip. The lightweight and transportable camping panels maximize the camping experience without increasing camping load.

Another advantage of the camping solar systems is that they are easy to maintain. Unlike is the case of regular electricity sources that require payment of bills, solar systems are cost-effective since the source of energy is free. Also, although it is susceptible to dust accumulation, it is easy to clean and this can be achieved by simply wiping off with a non-abrasive material.

These solar panels are purposeful and functional. Depending on the efficiency and size of the panels and the availability of sunlight, solar panels can produce enough energy to power devices such as portable fridges, rechargeable lights, TV, laptops, and PCs. (To conserve energy, however, devices which consume power should be replaced with power saving devices, e.g LED power-saving lights could replace regular bulbs.) The devices they power aid communication (e.g most walkie-talkies and radios, power banks for charging of phones and GPS units), entertainment (e.g radios and MP3 players) and outdoor comfort (e.g portable fans and small-sized vacuum cleaners).

With many advantages, camping solar panels are seeping into camping culture and making camping experience more delightful and enjoyable. It is little wonder why campers appreciate the product. While benefiting the environment, you can get more comfortable and fewer bills with the right setup of panels.

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