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Owning a horse is a big responsibility. However, it offers a really rewarding experience especially when you spend a lot of time and share your life with your equine. Just like dogs, horses make great companions too.

Aside from having them as a pet, you can also do plenty of fun activities with your equine friend such as going out on a ride and joining competitions. Even if horses do look strong on the outside, they still require much care and attention to stay healthy and happy. Part of being a responsible horse owner is the commitment to taking care of your equine friend every day.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when you own a horse.

Horse Care Isn’t Cheap

Taking care of a horse cost even more than the purchase price of it. If you’re planning to have a horse, be sure that you also have the resources to take care of it. A horse needs to be well maintained and taken care of no matter how tough it may seem. Be sure that you could afford to provide quality equine care for your equine companion before getting one.

Horses Need Lots of Food and Water

Horses are huge animals and they need more food and water, unlike other usual pets you have. Their natural feed is usually grass but if you don’t have an abundant supply of fresh grass in your area, you could supplement it with good hay instead. They need about 1 to 2 kg of feed per 100 kg bodyweight. You need to supply this amount every day along with at least 8 gallons of water as well to keep them healthy.

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Horses Need Routine Veterinary Care

Aside from providing them with food and water, horses also need to have regular veterinary care to maintain their health. They need to get vaccinated against deadly horse diseases and a routine check-up to detect health problems early on. Horses also need routine dental care by a horse dentist to check for tooth problems and other oral health issues.

Horses Need Good Shelter

Although horses are used to staying outdoors, they still need good shelter to protect them from the elements such as rain and the sun. It depends on where you usually place yourself equine. When leaving it outdoors, be sure that there is a shade nearby where it could take shelter.

You could also have a walk-in shed where your horse could just get in when it needs shelter and a comfortable place to rest. Be sure to maintain the cleanliness of the shelter to avoid parasites from infecting your horse and making it ill.

If you’re still new in horse ownership, you could always seek some advice from the experts in equine care. You could even do some research to learn more on how to properly care for a horse. By knowing more, you get to take care of your horse a lot better and keep it happy and healthy.

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